Medtronic 780g

Does anybody know when the 780g will be available in Canada? I am so anxious to get it!

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Sorry, don’t know date for Canada or US, but found this info interesting.
Suggests 780 might be by year-end 2020, but not official statement from Medtronic.

I found that too! I have until Febtuary 2022 when my warranty expires.

One thing they’ve corrected that really impaired the 670 is that you can adjust the target value. 670’s was fixed at 120, which in practice meant averaging like 140-50, but the 780 can be set as low as 100. So yay, and if they’d had that to begin with I might not have given up and gone back to my old Paradigm. But I still hate their dang sensor. I have until next August to decide…


My warranty is up in February 2022. I have read extensively about the 780. Eventually, they say they will connect to dexcom cgm. When I get the 780 I might still use the sensor that comes with it until that time. I use dexcom g6 and find it pretty accurate. Hopefully the 780 will be in Canada by 2022. This will be my final pump as it will recieve updates instead of having to wait until your warranty is up. Nothing sucks more when there is better technology out there that you can’t get until your time is up. My 630 doesn’t suspend when low and I need to have my cell phone close to me at all times. It get a little exhausting. UGHH!

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As it turns out it won’t be until February 2023 until I can get a new pump. I have to wait an extra year more than what I thought. Maybe Medtronic can do something for me.

I ended up paying 899 for the upgrade to the 770. When the 780 gets approved I will be able to upgrade automatically as my 770 get software updates. I find their guardian3 sensors to be very accurate.

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Be here before you know it !!

I hope so.