Medtronic 780 is getting closer!

I received my email from Medtronic to start my software upgrade to the 780. There are alot of improvements with the upgrade. There is no more lock screen and it is now an icon based menu resulting in fewer button pushes in what you need to accomplish. A better algorithm with automatic corrections. I am so excited to finally get this!:smile:


That’s exciting news! I’m on the 770G, but I haven’t received any info yet. I’ve submitted feedback a couple of times that I wish the food/carb input was easier to access. I end up using a glucose tab, for example, at work and not having the time to go through the pump layers to input it.

Where do you live? I am in Canada. Ontario to be exact. The videos that I had to review also show that there is a one button push to go to the bolus wizard as they figured that that function is going to be used regularly. So exciting!!

We are pretty close, depending on the part of Ontario you live in. I’m in the Detroit area in Michigan.

Yay…… I received my email as well and also live in Ontario. It does sound like there are a lot of improvements with the update. Looking forward to the upgrade as soon as my upgrade package arrives!

I find that my bloodsugar wafs falling pretty quickly. It appears that the bolus I gave on the 770 is too big for the 780. I reduced my carb ratios for meals. I also had low bloodsugar through the night even using the temp target. I had 9 carbs and at 5am I woke with an 11.8mmol. It did’nt give me a correction bolus. When I bolussed for breakfast it seemed to fall pretty fast.

Just curious. Did you wait the the 5 days before starting Smart mode? It always seems to be a bit of a challenge changing over to new systems.

After I updated it was a 6hour warmup. That is all that was required.