Medtronic CGM - Anyone have experience?

Hi Everyone! I'm new to TuDiabetes. Just over a year ago, I was diagnosed with LADA - Type 1.5 diabetes. I was originally misdiagnosed as Type 2. Anyway, I am currently using the Medtronic Reverl 723 insulin pump and will begin the Medtronic CGM this week. I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with the Medtronic cgm. Any tips, tricks, or advice? Do you like it? Has it given you better control?

I am not a regular user, but have used the minimed CGM before for basal fine-tuning and other trials.
I love the fact that it is integrated into the pump, and here in europe the pump stops delivery if the CGM shows a low, so that is even better. :)
with accuracy i have not had the best results, it can have various reasons. it might be that i always caught bad sensors because i did not use it often, or i might just have had poor luck. last time i used it was last August, I heard they have now better sensors.
I do hope so, im getting another sensor for a week tomorrow, and i hope the results can be used.
Other members here have had great success using the CGM, year round to help them get their Diabetes under better control.
If you haven't, make sure to check out this
group, there are many experienced user of the sensor there.
Good luck on your journey, keep us updated!

Can’t answer your CGM question but welcome to TuDiabetes, it’s a great place to hang out and meet people dealing with similar health issues. I’m an early onset LADA still not on insulin and I have a question for you, did you feel better overall after getting the right diagnosis and going on insulin?

24 hrs into it, and i am having awesome results!
Despite my bad experience with the system before, the sensor is now very accurate (max 2 mmol/l off) and working great :)
CDE told me this is a slightly new sensor which should be more accurate now.
Well see how it goes over the week.

Hi Lilli! Thank you for welcoming me! I felt MUCH better after going on insulin. There is a lot of research that points out that LADA's should start insulin right away to help preserve beta cell life. It makes sense. I still have quite a bit of pancreas/insulin function and I attribute that to the fact that we found out about the LADA early and I was started on the pump pretty much right away. My A1C remains between 5.5-6.0. I'm starting the Dexcom CGM after doing a trial run with the medtronic one.

Thanks everyone! After a trial run with the Medtronic CGM, I'm working with Dexcom to try to get approval for their system. I have crazy highs and lows in the middle of the night and need a system that is not only accurate, but can also wake me up. Hoping everything with insurance goes through quickly! Can't wait to get started!

Can I asked what criteria Mayo used to give you the LADA diagnosis, are you autoantibody positive?

I've used both Medtronic CGM and Dexcom G4, and in my experience, the Dexcom G4 is hands down more accurate. I've blogged about my experience with both here: I hope that helps.

+1 on the feeling MUCH better.

The Dex will most definitely wake you up, frightened me half out of my PJ's last night. I had placed the monitor in the bedside stand top drawer, still woke me up.

I am the only person in the world who gets decent results from the Medtronic CGMs, both the soft sensors and the Enlites. I've never tried a Dexcom but a couple times I've been with people who have them they've worked and a couple of times, I've seen them whacked out. I'd like to try one sometime but I like to work out and ***really*** prefer the "all-in-one" of the MT units. The Enlite sensors took some getting used to but seem to spend a lot of time at +/- 5-10 points from my meter which is plenty accurate for me. I hope you enjoy your Dexcom as much as I like the Enlites!!

Thank you SC! I just started the Medtronic CGM tonight and am getting ready to do my 2nd calibration. It isn't very accurate yet, but I hear it takes about 24 hours. It hurt like the dickens putting the thing in! I hope to be getting the Dexcom CGM in the next couple weeks. I guess it's more accurate. I'm grateful for the opportunity to compare the two.

Hi Lilli,

Yes, Mayo clinic made the diagnosis by 1.) positive antibody tests. 2.) I have 3 other autoimmune disease. 3.) I was the perfect age for onset..just over 30. 4.) No family history of Type 2 diabetes (or type 1 for that matter). 5.) Was not over weight. 6.) Low end on C peptide.

Thanks Rich! I've seen some of your you tube videos! They have been so helpful! That's awesome that you do those! They really helped me out when I wanted to learn more about the different systems!

Thanks Parr! :-) I'm hoping to have the Dex in the next couple weeks. I just started the Medtronic CGM tonight. It's alerts are way to quiet in my opinion. I can't imagine they will wake me up at all. Can't wait to use the Dex! :-) I ordered pink!

Hi Acidrock,

I just started using the Medtronic CGM tonight. So far, I like the fact that it is integrated with my pump. No extra equipment to haul around is nice. I'm just trying out the Medtronic unit until my Dexcom arrives, then I will make a decision between the two. I like that the Dexcom has louder alerts (especially for nightime lows) and I like the fact that it shows BG values up to 400. I think the Medtronic only goes up to 250 or something.

I think the Medtronic goes up to 400 too, but I have the 523 rather than the new, 30 series pumps.

It goes up to 400, I know from experience I have a 530g with CGM. A few weeks ago,I had a blood sugar of 393 from a unknown crimped cannula. Now I had turned the HI and the LO alarms off that afternoon because I was in a gathering; and forgetfully, did not turn them back on. Yet, the doggone Quicksets did not lead to a "no delivery" alarm either. I think I am going to have to try other infusion sets, maybe Silhouettes.

God bless,

I think AR is the only one who actually reports good results with both the old "harpoon" medtronic CGM and the newer Enlites. I personally used the Ipro system and from the insertion to the eventual falling off of the sensor at the end of a round of golf 3 days later I did not enjoy the experience. The sensor was uncomfortable and I felt it the whole time it was on my abdomen. The information my CDE downloaded a few days later was reasonably close to the readings from the BG meter but there were some readings that were completely out of whack. I went with the Dexcom system after reading reviews of both and I am very happy with my decision. It is not integrated with my Omnipod pump and I do have to carry 2 devices but my last sensor was on for 26 days and my current one is now 19 days old and both have been incredibly accurate from the outset. I have not read of anyone using the enlites for that long. Luckily being female, I already carry a purse so the extra device is not a big deal for me.

I’ve been wearing the Medtronic for just 24 hrs and am not in impressed. The first sensor blead like crazy so had to remove it and stick myself again. The readings are 30-50 points off!! Its not worth the pain for an inaccurate device. Dexcom will be here in a week! Can’t wait!!!