Medtronic Customer Service. (poor experience)

I have talked to a lot of people with diabetes who say that Medtronic has good customer service.

I have had them for 9 years, and while I admit that most of that 9 years has been great in the last 2 years it has gone way down hill. They have a great pump and I was willing to put up with it. But, recently I couldn't close a deal with them on a new insulin pump and most of it for reasons that were their fault.
It was like pulling teeth to get them to come out to my house to show me new products. Finally they did. They were great in giving me new things to try. I really wanted to go with the pump still.
However, after giving them the go head to get this done, it took weeks to get anywhere and when it did get somewhere they would then need more paperwork from me. Paperwork I could have given them weeks ago if they had told me. So it ended up not happening and it was NYE.
No only that, but they refuse to take payment plans on anything less than 300.00. I had a bill for 285. They refused to make a payment plan with me. I paid them every month as I could anyway.

Great pump, but poor customer service. No one cares about you unless you pass the red tape guidelines. I feel like a number not a person.

I am switching brands now. Didn't want to at all. Did explore a few to see what was out there though... but now am switching. I feel like I was treated like dirt after being a long term customer. I am very disappointed and upset about it.

If I had unlimited funds I might have just dealt with it.
I don't though.

Thanks a lot Medtronic.


I'm sorry you weren't happy. All of my contacts w/ them were through two different doctor's offices, as I moved between the pump and the CGM. I was sort of peeved at one sales rep as I'd just gotten the CGM and was right at the "cut off" point, where they're done training you and I busted the clip. I had a race like 2 days later and got ahold of the pump rep, who I knew lived right near my route south from our kibbitzing and "I was like do you have one? I'll come pick it up" but got the stiff-arm. They are really looking for people with benefits and credit cards. I don't pay that much attention to what I pay them because I like the pump so much but I can see how they would be very difficult to work with in a different situation. I'd like to see a politician take care of this.

You didn't say what pump you're settling on, but just an FYI: If you're considering Animas. They have a low income discount plan. You fill out income paperwork of course. But I not only got the $1,000 left after my insurance coverage waived but I also get 30% off on ongoing supplies. I had thought I'd have to do the paperwork each year, but that was 1/11 and I have just continued receiving the discounts since then.


Yeah.. I didn't say what pump I was settling on. If you look at my prior posts, you can see what I am going with. I didn't say because I didn't want the post to be about any other company. I just wanted it to be what it was about. I have been very disappointed. I am still continually disappointed. All I wanted was good customer service. I got good customer service from the rep at my house, but the rep isn't who closes the deal and deals with all the paperwork. I don't even blame the associates that helped me, but it was more of the process that they had to work through. Either that or they were all too busy being the end of the year. It has been more frustrating than buying a car. I actually myself want to work in Insulin Pump sales, and I am confident in giving a world class experience in whatever I do. I can tell you so much about each of these companies and what the excel and struggle at. Since it is what I want to do... I have researched it all. In the end I have to decide what is best for me. I have to put aside where I want to work and assume that I will be working somewhere else and get the right pump.
If I didn't have two kids, my income would be enough to not worry about the cost of the pump. It isn't the case now. Life changes.

Yes, I understand. I just thought since you mentioned financing concerns, I'd tell you about Animas' discount program. I'm guessing other companies have similar programs, but I've mentioned this before and several people hadn't known about it.

Yes, life changes. I'm on a limited budget due to being partially retired.