Medtronic Pump Battery

Good Morning!

For the past several weeks, my Paradigm’s battery has been behaving strangely. The battery lasts only a few days (five or six at most), and then it dies on me. I’ve had this pump for about two years, and I have never had such battery problems.

When I replace the battery (using new batteries), it sometimes does not work, saying that the battery is too weak to be used or only has about a 75% charge.

I’m considering calling Medtronic, but I’d appreciate thoughts from the community before I do so.

Thanks so much for your help!


I had this happen to me once back when I was using the Medtronic pump. My was due to being out in the woods for about 8 hours during deer hunting season and it was 9 degrees out. They shipped one to me and I received it the next day.

Do call Medrtronic. Ask them for a new battery cap :slight_smile:

A new battery cap is definitely worth trying. Medtronic has been happy to send one for free as a possible cheap and easy solution.

Also, be sure you’re using the Energizer batteries they recommend. We tried using Costco Kirkland batteries, and had similar problems.
The problem is that the “nipple” at the positive end of the Costco battery doesn’t stick out as far as the one on the Energizer battery, so the contact isn’t as good.
Good luck!

Back in 2008 I experienced an issue with a battery-related failure:
though this one you are describing doesn’t sound like the same problem.

Besides all the good advice you have received so far, I’d recommend using Energizer or Duracell batteries. For some time, I tried “alkalines” from IKEA… not good! :slight_smile:

Make sure you are using the energizer batteries only. The math algorithym used to check the battery is designed to match the characteristics of the energizer battery only. The results of this are that if you are using another brand. like a duracell, the pump will show that the battery is low when it actually has full voltage.

It took me a while to get this out of a tech at Minimed, but after using only energizers I have had no issue with short battery life, as indicated on the pump.

Before I found this out, I did end up with several duracell batteries that continued to work in other devices at full power for a long time…just as if I were using a fresh battery.