Medtronic pump supplies

Hello, I’m new here and I am trying to find a way to get my pump supplies (mainly CGMS sensors) cheaper. Does anyone know of a reputable place where this is possible? I know Medtronic has a patient assistance program but I won’t qualify.
Insurance is just so expensive and my doctor doesn’t take the marketplace insurance so I’m having a big decision to make.

You do know that MM knocks off 45% for self-paying customers, right? that isn’t an “assistance” program. that’s just “cash pay” pricing.

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I thought it was 10%. That’s what I always asked for when I had to do cash pay. I will check on that then. Thanks!

I’ve been a MM user since 1995. it’s been 45% for cash since as long as I can remember. I’m talking 45% off of the RETAIL PRICE. Nothing to do with any insurance copays, mind you.

Ok, so I just called and I told her I didn’t have insurance and she told me it’s 20% off. I specifically asked if it was 45% but maybe it’s because I’m a newer member? I’ve been with them for at least ten years but I’m not sure why it’s different

Wow, I’ve spoken with MM about sensors (when I used Enlite and knew I’d be switching to Medicare which doesn’t cover them) and I was told on numerous occassioons that the price was 45% off for cash. that was 2 years ago, or less). I hope they haven’t decided to not allow a decent discount from retail pricing, compared to in the past. If so, that really sucks.

You ARE in the USA, right?


Here are the prices:

Retail for Enlites is $473
cash price Enlites $260.15

Retail price for Guardian sensors $553
cash price for Guardian sensors $304.


All sensors are CURRENTLY available, despite issues in PR.

guess what. The Enlite cash price is,…wait for it…a 45% discount, as I said earlier.

guardian discount is also 45%

Megan, where did you go? Unless you aren’t in the US, you should be getting the prices that I just listed above.

Ok sorry. My email was wrong so I wasn’t getting notifications on replies. I am in the US and I have the Medtronic 722 pump.

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I do use the enlite sensors but as I said she told me it is 20% discount. I’ll have to check again and see what is going on because they aren’t telling me correctly

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Thanks for your help. I’m on the phone now to verify. I don’t know why they told me 20%. Maybe they want to charge as much as possible? I’m not sure

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That would be strange that they would quote you a different price than what I posted for you yesterday. I called them, just to be SURE what I told you originally, was still accurate, which it is. GOOD LUCK!!

A box of Enlites should be $260.15

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You were right. It is 45% off of sensors. The other supplies are 20% off. The lady must have been mistaken and didn’t think about sensors. Thanks for the help!


WONDERFUL!!! Glad you got it straightened out.