Medtronic Sof sensors and age

How many days do folks get out of their Medtroinc sof soreness? I am just wondering. I only get 3 days are folks gettign more ?

Thanks for any reply

Rick Phillips

usually 7 days, but when the pumps says the sensor has expired you have to tell the pump to start new sensor

I'd usually do 2x 3 day cycles. You can watch the "countdown" on the sensor screen and I'd try to "reboot" it before it got to 2 days 23 hours by putting in "new sensor" and calibrating, ideally with flat BG. This would generally then demand a "METER BG NOW" in about 5 (or so, you never know for sure...) minutes and then come back online more quickly than the 2 hours it ordinarily takes for a new sensor and work fine. I stretched to 7 and maybe 8 days a few times but found the readings tended to be less confident, or I was less confident in the readings, so I stopped using them for longer than 6 days.

Seven days. They are programmed to make you change them every three days--more money for the manufacturers. As Chelsea says, I just restart it as a new sensor.

After 7 days, the transmitter needs charging, so I switch it out. Never tried to recharge and keep the same sensor.

I do the seven days so the change out day remains consistent. I hated the three, even 6 day, changes--never knew where I would be or what I would be doing for sure.

I just got 21 days out of my last sensor. I used to be able to do this a lot, but it seems I usually go 14 days or less After exactly 7 days, I have to remove the xmitter, and recharge it. I bought the sensors from a guy online, and they expired in 12/2012. Accuracy is pretty good...MAD% usually 10-12%