Medtronic vs Animas

I found out that both the Medtronic Paradigm and Animus Ping will be covered %100 by my insurance. Which should I choose? Does anyone wave a strong opinion of one over the other?

Call and talk to their customer support… Seriously… also insist on a visit/meeting wth a sales rep to demostrate the unit…
I had a difficult time with one companies sales rep passing the buck and suggesting i get a demo from the clinic I attend instead of getting one from rep… I went packing to another company

The pump you choose is a very personal thing and you have to choose one that will work with your lifestyle. For me, I chose the Animas pump because I do a lot of water sports and I wanted something that was going to be “guaranteed waterproof”. Each pump has some advantage and disadvantage over the others, but you have to weight the options of each and determine what you’ll need out of a pump.

One feature I really wanted was the continuous glucose monitoring of the Medtronic pump; but, I chose the Animas because I figured that I would need a pump that is waterproof over the CGM when I looked at the cost of the CGM. At $50 per sensor, I figured that I wouldn’t end up using that feature very often, but would use the waterproof “feature” of the Animas very often.

I agree wholeheartedly with John. I was a Medtronic user for several years (Paradigm 512), and was happy with it. As time marched on, it didn’t do what I needed and was well out of warranty. The old friend didn’t upload data. When time came recently, I decided on the Animas Ping, dazzled by the sexy colours, bright screen, and the fact that I could stash it and use the remote meter instead of hauling out the pump to do my thing. I met with an Animas sales rep, tried out the pump, but in my eagerness I didn’t give equal attention to the remote meter, and the limitations (ie to stay within 10 foot range during insulin delivery, some random RF communication errors resulting in cancelled insulin delivery, and it’s difficult for me to see screen and awkward to scroll to correct numbers on the meter).

To be honest, I may have indeed chosen the Ping in the end, but I could have avoided some disappointment set up by my unrealistic expectations. The only thing I do regret not having considered the current Medtronic offerings by meeting with a sales rep and examining the actual pump, and reviewing its pros and cons before making my final decision. By asking the question you have, you’re already way ahead of me on that one!

So all that being said, do your homework, and make sure you see all aspects of the pump systems - the pump, the meter, and even the manufacturers themselves. The sales rep’s job is to sell you the thing, but your ongoing support comes from the tech and software support lines. Perhaps you want to call up as a potential customer and ask them a few questions too.

Hi Jamie,

Do you have to have the remote with you while the entire bolus is taking place? or can you “set it and forget it”?

Good luck with your choice. I remember when I was there. Like everyone says, pick the one that meets your specific lifestyle and don’t go to nuts over it. (I did)… I’m sure you’ll make a great decision.

I just answered John 's discussion , which he touches on , responding several minutes ago . I said ,that where I live , I was set up with the trial pump and saline , choosen from the sales rep , by a CDE Pump Nurse at the Diabetes Clinic…not all sales reps are CDEs (pump educators ) ; yet they know their stuff about the pump.
Also keep in mind the type of service and education you receive , after you have purchased the pump .

You need to stay within range while the bolus is taking place. If you choose a combo bolus (where some now, and more delivers later), you only need to stay put for the first delivery, and the rest will deliver at its appointed time. But if you have any kind of attention deficit, and wander away during the bolus, it does get annoying lol

Oh oh, I take a hit (extend if I need to) and leave the PDM. I’m on the pod. So far I’ve had no problem that I know about, but maybe I should contact Insulet, or better yet ask another podder. This would really suck if it’s a no, no because of having no tubes, this was one of my considerations for the omnipod. Thanks for the heads up.

Yes, talk to each of the representatives from the companies and ask to see the pump.

I think that the full remote operation of the PING is pretty cool. So I may choose that one, but as others said, it is quite a matter of personal preference. In the end, we all love OUR pump! I have a Minimed Paradigm and I am happy with it, but I think that I would switch to the PING if I could.

The one I’m using is the Ping, and I don’t know about how the Omnipod behaves at all. So maybe you’re in the clear, but best to find out for sure.

Unfortunately my choices are somewhat limted… I need the higher capacities of the Paradigm 722 or the Accu-check Spirit (ex Disetronic)… So far its kind like going shopping for a house/car… you can get only some of the featues you want in one product, not all…