Pump, first timer

I have been working months on planning for a pump. I have been logging, reviewing websites for pumps,which one is prettierier, reading Tu Diabetes about the various pumps, checking out comparisons on the web, researching the companies, thinking like a pancreas.

Yesterday my CDE called me and asked me to make a decision on the pump I wanted and call her. So that they could get the insurance process started. I have put more thought into this process than I have ever done for anything else. At this point it would probabably be easier to buy a car.

I am asking my fellow Pump users to give me two reason why they like their particular pump. Medtronic and Animas are my current contenders.

Customer service and ease of use.
We have been pumping with Cozmo for 6 years so obviously I am not helping in your decision between Animas and Medtronic but these have been two big factors in our choices. If the pump dies (and it will) you want to get the best possible service now. I also needed my child to be able to use the pump as well as caregivers so ease of use was vital…in our case, he can make that pump sing while the rest of us keep scratching our heads.
Good luck. I hate having to make this choice!!

I love my Animas Ping. As a former MM pumper I really appreciate the remote bolus capabilities of the Ping Meter/Remote. It really makes bolusing easy, and giving corrections could not be any more convenient than just pushing a few buttons on the meter after you test.

The next most important thing was that it’s the only pump with Mac compatible software - no having to run a virtual windows machine to access the data stored in my pump and meter. Obviously for a PC user it’s a non-issue, but as a Mac user, it’s something I appreciate :slight_smile:

Third to that, the inset infusion sets are a breeze to insert… no carrying around or losing a separate inserter, it’s all one piece. If you are new to pumping that could be very helpful :slight_smile: I like how they’re packaged too… they come in fun colors, and the packaging is streamlined, and not nearly as ‘medical’ looking as most of the others.

Minimed is coming out with an inset-like set called the Mio this spring… so if the all-in-one set/inserter is important for you, they’ll have it too.

I agree wholeheartedly with Sarah regarding the remote control features of the Ping. I LOVE never having to take the pump out from under my clothes to bolus or correct. Only drawback is you can’t change the basal rate with the remote - THAT would make it perfect:)
For me, the tiny 0.025 increment for basal and the .05 increment for boluses are terrific - I use relatively small doses of insulin and this feature helps alot.

I agree… if the remote had the ability to set temp basals or suspend the pump, it would be about as close to perfect as it could get. My only other suggestion would be to upgrade the screen on the meter itself :slight_smile: