Meet-up With Fellow Diabetics in MN

My wife and I recently took a five day vacation in Burlington/Minneapolis, MN. We attended the Diabetes Expo on Oct 15, then on Oct 16 we had a meet-up with fellow online diabetics at the MOA (Mall Of America). There were 13 people in our group. Nine Type 1, one Type 2, and two spouses. It was so much fun! I wish we could have meet-ups like this every year in other parts of our country, Canada, and the UK. Here is a picture of the people in the meet-up.">[/IMG]

It would have been nice to meet you, Judith! I hope you have a nice visit there in November. There is a Type 1 meet-up there every month. If you notify Kathy she can probably get the others to set up a meeting while you are there. Scott almost always attends the meetings. I really liked Kathy, she is a very nice lady. (I assume we are both talking about the same Kathy. The one in the picture, right?)

Yes, Richard it was a very nice time. I wrote Barnes & Noble a nice letter thanking them for being so accomodating. Too bad the store closed at 7 or we may have been there well into the evening.

Richard…I can pick you out from anywhere :slight_smile:

Too bad I didn’t know about this. I attended that very same ADA conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I thought the expo was well managed, and it offered seminars on subjects that really mattered. For me, the day was long, but well worth the drive from northwestern Minnesota and the return home that same evening.

I’m glad you enjoyed the expo, Brian, I did too!!

Nel, maybe I should wear a disguise???

Thanks for doing that, Kathy. B & N was a great place for our meeting. We became very noisy at times, and I am surprised they didn’t say anything about it. A library or bookstore is usually a very quiet place.

That’s Fantastic that you all were able to meet and had a Fun time together. Nothing better! :slight_smile:

Ahhh Terrie, my Canadian friend! Thanks!