Meeting other TuD's in person

I am going to be involved in next year's Pacific NW Diabetes Summit. It will be held in conjunction with the ADA Expo. I was thinking of setting up a place and time for people active in the various online diabetes communities to meet one another in person (if they choose). What do you think?

I've had fun the times I've met people. I'm not in the NW though. I went to two events during the ADA Scientific Conference earlier this year and met tons of people who are all amazing. It's fun to meet people IRL that you've kibbitzed with, sometimes for years, online.

That's why I am thinking it would be cool. At the TCOYD conferences, you're amongst a couple thousand people with D - all of whom are very interested in the most recent developments in treatments, and possible cure research. To be honest, I've been disappointed in the ADA Expo's - they didn't have any special sessions for adults with type 1 (I didn't see anything for parents of children with type 1 actually) and the type 2 things were either geared to newbies, or weight loss programs. I think of myself has having a PhD in D. (is that a PhDD?) I gather there is an "agreement" between ADA and TCOYD not to appear in the same cities. The closest TCOYD's are either Seattle, or Sacramento. I'm gonna follow where the ADA Scientifics will be meeting - it's good they meet in different cities each year.

what are the dates? I have never been to a conference.

The 2013 one was nov 9, so I am thinking the 2014 one will also be in November. As you can see, I'm getting a head start. I kinda pushed my self into the planning committee. I hope they meant it when they said I could get involved.

Where will this be? I'm in Vancouver, BC and think it would be cool to meet!

can you post when and where the conference will be? I live in Sacramento...

One vote for Alaska

The Pacific NW Summit can be found at OHSU diabetes - the date will be there. If you are in Sacramento, I would suggest you google TCOYD and check out their schedule. I know they havew been in Sacramento in the past - well worth it.

Looks like it is only one day (and only half a day focused on Type 1), so too far for me to travel for one day. :( I am thinking of going to the Friends for Life Canada conference this summer which will be in Vancouver (late August). I attended in 2010 and it was very family-focused, but the sessions were good and there was a small group of us adult Type 1s there, and from what I hear they have developed an adult stream. So if people are interested, maybe we could arrange a gathering there. :) (Sorry, don't mean to hijack the original thread, just wanted to put that out there!)

I am just trying to get a sense of whether people on the DOC would be interested in meeting in person. I also hope to come up with enough ideas to have a full day of topics for both type 1 and type 2. Like I said above, it is still about a year away, but I wanted to find out if I could sell the idea of having a place for the various online people could meet. and if that would be something that the DOC would like

Please start a discussion in theNW Group - I know they have had meetups in Portland.

It's really great to meet other TuD members. I highly recommend it!