How about a Global tuD meetup!?

This is my latest idea, I was wondering if we could have an annual tuDiabetes meet up or a conference maybe!

We can choose a city and get together for couple of days maybe?
Wait, how about an annual camping? like a summer camp! lol
or a gathering vacation!

Basically just to get together and have some fun. Imagine this, having a 1000, a 100, or even just a 50 people who have diabetes together!!

Not sure, just another CRAZY idea of me!

It’s not a crazy idea. It’s actually something we’ve thought of. We have kept it in the backburner for a while due to funding, but don’t discard it.

I am curious as to how many people would be interested in this if we did it?

Glad to hear that Manny. Am not saying it is free, but as you know if there was a group of people they will have a discount on what ever they do, right!? Also I believe it will depend on how much an individual is welling to participate. Like when you go to a conference you pay a registration fee and have your stay at a discounted price, plus you buy your own flight ticker or transportation.

Hope that we have responses! “Crossing Fingers”

Great idea fellas. I would be and I bet others would be interested in something like that during the summer or spring or any season. It would take a lot of planning and logistics though. I am from the east coast and there would be people on the west coast too that might want it there. Either coast would be fine or maybe we could meet in between. Just a thought. Hold that thought.

Great idea Ahmad… Hope this turns out to be real

I’m in…I will go anywhere to meet all of you. :slight_smile:

I live in between, but there is not much of us!
Probably big cities like Kansas City or St. Louis have more near by tuD people.

May be for the first time lets plan in meeting at the mother land of tuD where it all started, I believe it is California!

Just a thought as well

Would be interested. Will depend on how far folks have to go. You’re in the bay area. Tons of folks would like to go there. Tahoe is close and affordable too. Plus ski season is here.

Pretty good idea actually…crazy, yes…ambitious, yes…but highly possible. A wonderful idea indeed!

I agree. If it is near a popular tourist destination then people would be more inclined to want to use their vacation time. In addition to the idea of discounted hotel blocks I’m wondering if at least some people might be interested in dong a “couch surfer” type thing with locals offering to put visitors up in spare room, on couch etc. If it’s in the Bay Area I would definitely volunteer for that.

Ahmad –

I really like this idea, and I am not one who is easily persuaded!

It’s an idea that is very timely, considering the exponential increase that is expected of diabetes. I like the potential for creating solidarity but also to eventually effect social policy; think of the impact if we held an annual event. Even if we could not meet physically in a single place, technology would permit virtual gathering – heck, maybe we could shoot for a Guiness record!

Insofar as cost, it would have to self-funded, at least initially. But if we could organize with a mission statement and purpose, we could write grants; perhaps Manny and Andreina could speak to this possibility. I would be happy to serve on a planning or grant writing committee…

BTW, it’s interesting that the subject line suggesting global participation has garnered replies only from US members and only US locations to meet. Still, California ought to be the location for the inaugural gathering – homage to Manny and Andreina!


Let me take pride in being the first Canadian to respond , ha, ha …I am not discouraged to see so far only US responses …the posting is less than 24 hours up .
For me ( us, incl hubby ) , here from BC , San Fran would work well …one of our favourite places to visit .And then there is the beautiful Canadian Okanagan and Shuswap , wine country at it’s best in summer , Whistler , Sun Peaks , skiing in winter

I’m in. Have diabetes, will travel.

I’ve organized a couple of academic conferences in the past couple of years, and yes it is a lot of leg work, but far from impossible. One thing we would have to realize is that in order to pull off a conference of any size, you need plenty of lead time to get everything set up. A lot of places that have the capacity to host a conference are booked a year or two in advance. Of course it depends a lot on where, what time of year, how many people, etc.

I was “talking” to Danny the other day - have been telling him about how many PWD’s I was meeting on the NCL cruise I was on last week (and here I was trying to take a break from diabetic education - far from it - but it’s okay - I like to help people out). I was saying to him, imagine if we could go on a cruise! For instance, the cruise I just went on, for double occupancy in an inside stateroom came to $880 USD, with the flight of $770 USD - it was a pretty good deal for an all inclusive holiday (where the bills add up is if you like to drink - but we’re GOOD diabetics - right ?).

Anyway, just a small suggestion, wouldn’t have to be a 7 day cruise - but they do have shorter based ones. Also, I’m game for pretty well anything that enables us all to meet somewhere attainable for all of us.

I think it would be fun to meet up. I would like to meet other diabetics in person!

oh come on guys, Australia! you can all escape winter then :wink:

oh come on guys, Australia! you can all escape winter then :wink:


And I’m FOR Australia!

For me it would depend on the duration (personally, I would prefer something like an extended weekend). If it’s shorter but near a tourist spot then people who live nearby won’t feel like they are missing out if they just stay for the conference while if you are traveling from further away you can individually decide if you want to extend your time there or not.

Also how far in advance you need to be certain of attending and cancellation policies would also be a consideration in particular for me because my job requires suddent travel sometimes w/ only a few days notice.

In general though it would be fun to meet people in person.