Meeting Some Other Adult T1′s Here in Kansas City

Last Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending my first JDRF KC AT1 (Adult Type 1) get together. All in all, it was a great experience. Met some great folks involved with the JDRF here in Kansas City.

This was more of a social gathering at a local restaurant where the JDRF ordered a couple of pizzas and everyone paid for their own adult beverages of choice.

Most of the “official” business involved fund-raising activities here in KC, especially the upcoming walk in October. A number of suggestions were made on how individual could potentially raise funds at their place of work; such as a Jeans Day. Donate $5 and you can wear jeans on one particular day.

For the last 30-odd years, I’ve always felt pretty left out by the JDRF … read more at Strangely Diabetic