Men or Women

Hi, my husband just asked me if I knew if more women or men develope Type 1 Diabetes? Does anyone know?

Why would there be a gender bias? It’s not like diabetes has anything to do with X or Y chromosomes anyway.

I’ve heard that a man with type 1 is more likely to pass it along to his children … but I don’t know about the amount of occurance of type 1 in men and women.


Some autoimmune disorders are more prevalent in one gender. Lupus & Hashimoto’s effect many more women than men, are just two that come to mind. RA, another autoimmune disorder, is also much more common in women, I believe.

Never heard that diabetes wasn’t an equal opportunity disease.

I stand corrected. According to a study published in January 2008, men are 1.8x more susceptible to type 1 diabetes compared to women.

Results. Amongst all incident cases (n = 8012), 74% was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The mean annual incidence rate of type 1 diabetes was 12.7/100 000, in men 16.4/100 000 and in women 8.9/100 000. The incidence of type 1 diabetes decreased slowly by increasing age but was in all age groups higher in men, yielding an overall male/female ratio of 1.8. In both genders the incidence of type 1 diabetes decreased in average of 1.0% per year. A seasonal pattern with significantly higher incidence during January–March and lower during May–July was seen in both genders.

Conclusions. A clear male predominance of type 1 diabetes was seen in all ages. The temporal trend and the seasonal pattern was similar in men and women. Hence, internal factors related to the gender rather than differences in the exposure to environmental factors seem to explain the consistent male–female bias in the postpubertal risk of developing type 1 diabetes.

Thanks, was just interested.
As Gerri said I had heard other auto-immune diseases often were more prevalent in certain sexes. When my husband asked me I had no idea. Thanks for the study results John, interesting.
Thanks Jess, that is all I had heard about Type 1 and genders too.