Women versus Men and diabetes

Not only do women have to deal with the standard variables of diabetes and correct insulin dosages, but through the month my insulin needs change week to week due to hormonal changes. I have a week of lows then a week of pretty good, then a week of slightly elevated to a week of WTF.

Do men struggle with additional variables throughout the month? (besides the norm.)

I don't know the answer to your question (seeing as I'm a woman), BUT my endo did tell me that, from what she's observed, female T1s seem to have a harder time managing BGs in general, largely as a result of our cycles and all the hormonal fluctuations that come along with that. I know that my BGs become very wacky the week before my period, but then bottom out the first day of my period. The pattern is so predictable it's scary.

Thankfully, men don't go through monthly hormonal cycles like women do. And women also have higher rates of thyroid issues.

An issue I deal with is sleep. I have sleep apnea and if my sleep is good or bad it affects my diabetes. A bad night's sleep can raise my cortisol levels and cause high morning blood sugars and more insulin resistance.

But overall, I think women have it worst.

I personally no longer deal with hormonal fluctuations (and haven't since diagnosis) but I think there are also other factors that women have such as more of a tendency to Depression and eating disorders and being hard on ourselves in general. Men, on the other hand aren't as open to support from others which can be the difference between coping and struggling with D.

That's a good point re: support. I never thought about that, but I do wonder if women are more willing to reach out and obtain support.

Also, as noted above, my endo also told me that women are more likely to develop Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I have not developed it thus far, but am being followed very closely because my thyroid levels are consistently on the "low" side (I don't have any symptoms, though).

Yes, MBP, women in general are much more likely to reach out and obtain support, especially for things of an emotional nature.


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No argument from me. Female hormone cycles must be rough on insulin dosing.

Males do have a hormone cycle too but it's daily and based on fluctuations in testosterone levels which can vary predictably depending upon the time of day. No doubt that it probably affects insulin dosing and probably has something to do with changes in insulin dosing before, during, and after exercise, which can have a big effect on testosterone level.

Nothing like a females monthly hormone cycle though.