Men VS Women

Reactions to high and low bloodsugars.

When my bgs goes high or low, I am effected emotionally and physically and I become very upset with a high number, especially if I know it was tied to me eating the wrong type of food. I correct with insulin and become very upset with myself, especially if I feel physically ill as well and I tend to dwell on it.

Some men I know with diabetes when they hit a high bgs, they just test and correct and do not dwell on it, and it does not seem to bother them.

Your thoughts?

I have been running very high for the past day or so (11-17 or 200-300 range) for some totally random reason, and this is the type of thing that frustrates me. If I am high just once I sometimes get annoyed, but especially if I can connect it to a cuase (eating, disconnecting the pump for too long, stress, etc.) then I can deal with it. It’s when I’m high high high or low low low no matter what I do for an extended period that really gets to me.

ANGER. ohhh high blood sugars make me so so so angry. I will throw my meter across the room, I will hit
things, I will scream.
lows don’t affect me that much, except for the whole 'kill anyone who asks “what’s wrong” or worse “are you low” ’ thing.

I can’t tell when my BG is high unless it has risen very quickly due to something I ate. If a test shows that I’m high I might get a little pissed temporarily, treat myself, try to figure out what happened and move on. It wasn’t always that way. For the first few years of my diagnosis I used to linger over them and berate myself, but after going high on occasion for no discernible reason over the years, I stopped beating myself up and try to take a more level-headed and pragmatic approach. I can’t go back in time and prevent that high, but I can fix this one and work on preventing another I figure.

It also helped to realize that although I’m trying like hell to take control, I’ll never have absolute control.

I don’t have any emotional reaction to lows, except fear sometimes when one lingers. However I can tell when I"m getting low because I get cranky and mean - but that’s a reaction caused by the low, not a reaction to the fact of being low.

Hi Karen:

The occasional low or high doesn’t bother me, it’s expected.
It does frustrate me however if after 2 corrections it’s still not
in the Good range and I cannot figure out the reason.

As you know, with the majority of Diabetics stressing will just
raise your sugars higher. I’m in the minority, where my sugars
keep dropping when Life’s a stress. They are both annoying
so I don’t sweat it with the occasionals. Cute Baby. :slight_smile:

ahhhh Glucose, Sugar, Sugar… You make me high…
UGH!!! ANGER. followed quickly by depression:(
then, I just dont stop… it’s the “devil may care” attitude as I pull up ta something full of
sweet sugar or loaded with carbs. Love what I eat and hate myself more.
Of course, being type2 we cant take a shot to correct. :frowning:
When I go high and I dont know what caused it… same crappy story:(
down real low right now:(

Thank you that is my little niece Avery, soon to have sibling in a few weeks. She is a sweet, fun and fiesty 2.5 year old and she calls me Aunt Taren. :slight_smile:

It depends on a man because Long time ago I meet this woman at a Diabetes Classes… Her husband has diabetes. One day, she was washes the dishes and her husband came in the kitchen, started yelling at her and throwing things at her. So She called the police after she locked herself in the bathroom… The police came over and helped her to check his blood sugar. he was low… Whe he gets that way, she calls the police and they come over to help her… So really it depends on the person and how their body reacts to the situation to a high and/or low blood sugar… whe I have a low… my family can tell but I can’t… That’s the same with a high blood sugar too… with a low they say that I slurr my words when I talk or don’t make any sense when I talk… Whe I’m high, they say my breath smell like fruit and I don’t look well…