Mentoring - Northeast

I tried contacting my local JDRF chapter about getting involved in some sort of mentoring program, but they didn’t have anything like what I was hoping to do. Ideally I want to work with kids (and their parents) with diabetes and help them learn to balance D with a normal childhood. In doing so I thought it might be somewhat of a relief for these kids’ parents to meet someone who has been (somewhat) successfully managing D for 20 years.

I guess I really have a two-fold question: (1) is anyone aware of any program similar to what I described above; (2) if not, would any of you be interested in setting something like that up even if it was in connection with the JDRF (or another similar organization)?

Thanks in advance,

Rob: check with Ben Gubar (BentleyG). DiabeticRockstar has a mentoring program – I’m not sure how far along it is, but Ben’s the guy running it.

The American Academy of Family Physicians is working on developing a curriculum for lay diabetes mentors, but apparently they are still in the proposal stages. The contact there is Kelly Wiens

Thanks. I finally got some info from my local JDRF chapter and they actually have a mentoring training event next week. I also signed up for the DiabeticRockstar program, thanks for the info.