For the Pumper's out there

I was curious for the T2 who are on insulin pumps, if you are on any other conductive oral therapy (other than the standard metformin).

I'm not yet on an insulin pump, but it's something my ARNP and I are discussing. Meantime, I'm on Insulin and Victoza shots because I can't take Metformin and none of the other orals out there will do what I need. So far I like the Victoza.

I'm type 2 and am only on insulin in my OmniPod. I had to quit metformin about 18 months ago due to my declining kidney function. My endo doesn't want me on some of the newer meds (Byetta, Januvia, etc....) due to some medical history that makes me a bad risk for side effects.

I did try Levemir and Novolog for about a year after going off of the metformin, but could not get the highs and lows evened out. I am 9 years post gastric-bypass, so I absorb food VERY quickly.

The pump has been a great thing for me -- still hard to prevent post-meal spikes, but the best solution we've found so far. have me curious are post-gastric bypass which is being touted as the gold standard as almost a "cure" for Type 2 DM....and you are on a insulin pump? I would love to hear your store if you are willing to share :) If it wasn't for the lack of insurance ryder I would have this done myself...just can't afford to pay full price for it.

While it’s true that a large percentage (90+) of patients are able to go off of many meds, including diabetes meds, after gastric bypass, it is only a tool, not a cure. In my case, my high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes all showed no improvement at any time after my surgery.

That being said, all of my doctors agree that I am much better off having lost the weight. When I turned 50 I weighed exactly half of what I did when I turned 40. I had a stroke at age 46 and had the gastric bypass just before I turned 48. I’m now 56 and have gained back some of the lost weight, but am still better off than I might have been.

I only use insulin in my pump to control my D. Sometimes I feel that I could benefit from Metformin because it helps lower insulin resistance.

I asked to be taken off Metformin after I started MDI(multiple, daily injection)because I was just tired of it and have done pretty good without it. At this point even though I think I could benefit from it I don't want to go back, I'm not yet convinced it worth the side effects.

I think I will stick with pump only for now.

I've been on insulin since 2007. MDI until last July now a very happy pumper. No oral therapy. Started on insulin upon diagnosis.