Meter Accuracy -- August 2012

Just a friendly FYI -- I'm guessing that I am not the only one curious about this, so I'll share this tidbit here.

As others have undoubtedly noticed, Roche is claiming that the Accu-Check Nano is their most accurate meter to date, made to a more stringent standard than its predecessors.

As devoted Bernstein followers also know, the Accu-Check Aviva is presently the good doctor's recommended meter.

Ergo, all of that being so, I called the number in the book to ask whether they had any comment on Roche's accuracy claim. The answer was that as of right now, Dr. B's recommendation has not changed.

Reading between the lines, the impression I gathered from the conversation was that he has not yet done a formal evaluation and comparison. In any case, as of today the existing recommendation still stands.

That sounds like a good read of the situation to me. I'll be curious if that changes, as I had to abandon the Aviva a while ago, because of both meter- and sample-size. Too many errors for me, and with strips costing what they do, I finally got fed up. Sounds like the Nano improves in both of these categories, and if it's more accurate than other small meters (ie freestyle) then it's worth a good look.

I hear you. As with everything else diabetic, everyone's experience is different, of course. My experience with the Aviva has been good. I seem to be averaging about one error for every 70 or 80 strips, which I can live with.

yeah, that's pretty acceptable. my errors, more often than not, came from not having a big enough sample to begin with, and not being able to squeeze any more out before the countdown ended.

ps- I like your technique of putting the date in your discussion header. Very useful.

Yeah, well, for something like this it matters. Some topics are pretty much eternal whereas others are clearly time-sensitive. This is obviously one of the latter, so it seemed important to label it appropriately. Thanks for the comment.

I have an Aviva and THINK I've scored a free Nano -- I'll check them side-by-side as soon as I get the Nano and let you know what happens.

One thing that does attribute to meter error is.. Not using clean hands, if you squeeze less than a drop, alcohol/hand sanitizer, humidity as well..

This is interesting. I was "issued" a Bayer Contour meter. Only errors I have seen was when I had too small of a sample. Never considered it's actual accuracy. How large of errors have we been seeing with these meters?