Time to restock

With all of the extra testing I have been doing it looks like it’s time to restock the supplies.
I am currently using an Accu-Chek Aviva Nano. I was thinking of trying one of the OneTouch Ultra units that I have seen on TV recently with “double sure technology” that is supposed to test each sample twice for a more accurate reading.
Does anyone have an opinion? Is it more accurate? Better than the Accu-Chek? I picked the Accu-Chek because of it’s tiny size, but I will have to carry a case with me in any event so maybe the size won’t even matter.

I would appreciate any input from anyone who has tried it. :slight_smile:

I don’t like One Touch… My experience is that they always test about 30-60 pts lower than my Bayer Breeze2 meter, and my Bayer Breeze2 meter is accurate with lab exams, never off by more than a point or two. I’d look into FreeStyle Lite, if accuracy and small size is what you want… plus they also don’t need coding, and have a neat back light for testing in dark situations…

Has One Touch always been like that? Or is the “double sure” something new that may compensate for past inaccuracies? Thank you for the suggestion, I will definitely look into that one as well. I think the price of strips may be one of the main factors.

The possibility of being 60 points lower is quite frightening. The difference between being a normal reading or a high. :open_mouth:

Is there a difference between the FreeStyle Lite and the FreeStyle Freedom Lite?

From following the discussions about meters having a +/-20% accuracy, it seems the only one that is truly more accurate are the WaveSense meters.

It seems that all other meter advertising of “accuracy” is just a bunch of marketing. For example, one company advertises “greater accuracy” because you don’t have to use “coding” with each new vial. Their conclusion is we patients are too dumb to change the code and are getting inaccurate results as a result.

Fair Winds,

I use a One Touch Ultra Smart - always have tested to within a few points of lab work that I have had drawn.

lol yeah THAT would be why they are not accurate, because people don’t know how to change a code rolls eyes

I’ll do a search for the WaveSense as well. Thanks for the suggestion.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the input Jennifer. :slight_smile:

I have like 6 different meters and have tested all of them at once I have two one touches one ultra smart that came with my pump and the ultra mini and all my meters are with in a few points of each other I love my mini it is small and I like the double sample test strips the others I have is freestyle and bayar contour accucheck aviva the breeze 2 my CGM and some off brand I got from god only knows but I do reccomend the one touch mini and ultra smart they have yet to let me down.

I don’t know about always… but they are like that now. No matter the double sure strips. We have those. I think the Freedom Lite is a bit bigger, and has an American Patriotic design, or something… or patriotic skins, or something like that. But they are very accurate, and I highly recommend them

But I also make sure that when I cross reference the numbers - they draw venous blood, our glucose meters are made for capillary blood - aka - finger stick blood - I poke my finger and test with that blood. If you use the venous blood they give you, it may be off a bit. Also with the One Touch, I have found, and most people are finding now, that 25 has been the code they are using - at least for the last 8 months - I have had nothing else -so there has been no coding for me anyway.

Ok writing down more notes

Thank you for all of the info :slight_smile:

A good point to remember. Thank you :slight_smile:

more note taking

Thank you for your input as well med464rescue :slight_smile:

Not a problem you can get the ultra mini for free from the company with 10 free test strips and see if you like it just test it out and compare it to your other meters and see it can’t hurt you can also get the free bayer contour for free from the company site as well with 10 free test strips and try it as well and free style I think.

I use the Accu Chek Aviva and feel pretty confident with it. I have tested shortly after a previous test and it’s always very close. The numbers I get make sense. Whenever I read all the talk of 20% variation I wonder because mine always seems right. (Maybe it’s off and I’m just used to it…lol). I also like the small blood sample it requires. From what people say it sounds like the ones that cost a bit more with more expensive test strips are more reliable than the bargain brand ones where you save quite a bit on test strips. But other than that, I think it doesn’t make that much difference and you just have to find one you like and trust its reading. I think comparing multiple meter readings would probably drive me nuts!

Tiny samples are good since my body seems to fight giving up any of its precious blood lol

Well I thought my Nano was good but with nothing to compare it to I could not be sure. Plus having no experience with high or low BG levels I couldn’t even compare readings to the way I was feeling.
I don’t think I would use one of the no-name brands though. The pharmacist said the normal brands all seem to be the same in his experience. But I know I would trust people who have actually been using them.
I agree that it would drive someone nuts to compare multiple readings lol
But… I may do a couple of tests as doubles. Test on my old one and the new one and see if they are similar.

Thanks again everyone for all of the information and opinions. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I love my one touch ultra smart and mini. Right now I am using the Contour USB. I like the meter better but I do not like the way it records the readings.