Meter / Test strips

What is everyone’s favorite glucose meter? I really like the One Touch meters but the strips are so expensive.

What’s everyone else use?

I use the One Touch Ultra Mini. It’s easy to use and small enough to fit in my lunch bag. It’s very quick for testing at work and takes such a small sample that I hardly ever get error reports. The downside is that the strips are so expensive. :frowning:

Yes they are. I do not understand why that is. What are they made out of, Gold?

I have the mini in blue and the bigger Ultra Smart one. The ultra smart one is my main meter. I like the tracking but the case is a bit bigger to carry.

I haven’t used the other meter brands so was curious if they were better, cheaper, or just different?

I use the One Touch Ultra Link, even when I’m not wearing my pump. I like the fact that it consistently matches the way I feel. The price of the strips is worth my being able to trust it – besides, my insurance company seems to be happy with the One Touches. My backup meter is the One Touch Ultra 2, a little smaller for carrying around.

Wavesense Presto, my last strips were $28.80/100 over the internet