Metformin anyone?

So Gary, have you gone off the met yet?

I have been on Metformin for a few years now. Recently I switched from the generic stuff to Glucophage. Bernstein states flatly that Metformin is one of those drugs for which there are clear variations in effectiveness between the "name brand" and the various generics. So I pay a few dollars extra for the real thing. Just trying to maximize the odds every way I can.

This is apparently yet one more example of how everyone is different. I have never had a hint of difficulty nor any detectable side effects. And I definitely notice the difference when I forget to take it. If I don't take it a bedtime, my morning numbers will almost always reflect the fact.

Yes I have so far no problems.

I was put on metformin and had some really bad stomach side effects. So they tried Janumet and I got the same reaction. So they started me back on insulin. My Doc found out that I am extremely insulin resistant. Also I have a problem when I take my insulin the enzymes in my skin are eating it up before it can get in to where it needs to go. So my sugars are not really bieng affected at all. I go into the 300's everyday. The worst part is that my doc has been fighting my insurance (medicaid+medicare) for an insulin pump for about 2 1/2 years and I keep getting denied. I am now on Lantus= 40u bedtime and u500= 20u,18u,22u (before meals)They keep giving my doc the run around, making him fill out tons of paperwork and writing letters to them. He has sent the same letter 3x and they are not doing anything about it. My doc wants me to have the pump so I can have a steady flow of insulin so my sugars won't be so erratic. Sorry for the long post just frustrated because I've been having complications with my T2 and I'm still waiting for something to work.

Please don't apologize for a long post. We are all here on Tudiabetes to give and gain support. So we don't mind if someone has a rant about what is frustrating them. It's good to sometimes get it off your chest.

To me it sounds like you have something to rant about. From what you posted I see that your pump request is not for reasons of convenience but is medically necessary. Insurance companies are suppose to insure our well being not fight against us for monetary reasons.

Keep fighting the fight. Maybe someday soon you will prevail.

Gary S