Metformin anyone?

It seems that every T2 out there takes metformin, I have never heard of a T2 that doesn't. I would like to know if it's really necessary for everyone that's on insulin. I've been taking this drug almost since diagnosis some twenty years ago. I am really lousy at taking oral meds and when I forget I really don't notice the difference. Metformin is a standard for T2's but I'm wondering if its really necessary for everyone.

Gary S.

I have stopped taking it and now I only take Humalog and Lantus insulin. That is about to change though, since I am going to receive my insulin pump (1st one) soon. My doctor explained that the Lantus probably will not be used anymore. Never say never with this disease though.

Hi BlessedLife, Good luck with the pump. I have considered asking for one but don't know if it would be right for me. I'm on a similar insulin regime as you with Levemir and Novalog and have wondered if a pump might be better.

I'm curious if you made the decision to stop the Met on you own or did the doc decide that one.

Gary S

I send my blood sugar readings into my doctor each week. After months of changes in my medication and changing dosage levels and adding insulin, we discussed it. At night, my numbers would be wonky and my A1c was higher . I am a working mother, wife, daughter of aging parents and in-laws with three very young children and a demanding career. She thinks from her experience that the pump will help me. I just want to feel better and have more control . The pump arrived last night. I will start on that hefty pack of enclosed reading materials today . Not allowed to open the pump itself yet.

I was diagnosed in Sept. 2011, my A1C was 10.1, and started immediately on Insulin and by Dec. 2011 my A1C was 6.1. I'm a nurse and wanted to take insulin instead of pills, and its been working for me. I'll never go off insulin but I'm tightly controlled and feel fine.

I was on Metformin and it was doing great for me. I was even losing weight without any problems. Then the doctor because concerned about my kidneys because of my blood work. Took me off and put me on insulin because Metformin is processed in the kidneys. Went to kidney specialist and my kidneys are OK. Won't be even close to dialysis for about 30 years more. That would put me at about 100 years old, so I don't think I will worry about it just yet ;).

I had quite a severe reaction to it and couldn't use it (chest pains, and other symptoms of an impending heart attack). I had to go on insulin immediately as my blood sugar was through the roof and I was very ill, (DKA). My husband was on met for a couple of years and just went off it last fall. He's doing well with diet alone right now.

I was on metformin for a number of years in conjunction with other preinsulin therapies. I began insulin when nothing moved those glucose readings and they just kept spiraling.

Diabetic going on 7 years now. took metformin the first 5 years but it never seemed to help, stopped taking it 2 years ago. lost alot of weight (50 lbs.) but not to diet or excersize. BS still high. only taking huma and lantus.

I dont take metformin anymore, just shots, my body didnt like it.

Update...I went to see an Endo today. This was my first visit to one in years. I ask him this question about metformin. He agreed with me that I didn't need the metformin. Since I do multiple daily injections of Levemir and Novolog I can control my bloodsugar without it.

Metformin has been a part of my life for twenty years and it's going to be strange to be on no oral diabetes medication. I think I will get use to it with no problem.

My visit with the Endo was a good one he was please with my level of control. I have always felt that I didn't need an Endo but it was a good experience I think I will keep going.

Gary S

My husband was taking it for a couple of years or more, but started to have some stomach problems, and we still don't know what the cause is. We suspected the metformin might have something to do with it, so he went off it. The problem isn't gone, but it doesn't occur as frequently now, so it probably was aggravating the issue.

He's doing ok without it, but his number were definately better with it.

Most people on insulin don't really need it, however, it can keep your need for insulin down. If you went off, you would probably need more insulin than you take now. More insulin means more weight gain in the long run. If you're not having any health problems from taking it, I'd stick with it. It also protects you from certain cancers, which is a plus.

If you miss a dose or two, you may not notice any difference, because metformin takes a while to build up enough in your system to work effectively. It also takes being off it for a while for you to notice a rise in your blood sugars too.

I think my husband was off it for a few weeks, before his blood sugar started to creep back up. So don't assume that missing a few doses would make any immediate difference in your numbers. You'd have to be off it for quite a while to notice the real impact.

I'd say definately stick with it unless you have a health condition such as liver disease, or kidney problems.

The reason I want to quit taking it is because of stomach problems. I don't think Metformin is totally at fault and diet change might also be the cause but I figure stopping the Metformin might help.

Gary S

You could try the diet changes first and see if that's enough, then if the problem continues you can quit the met. Its hard on your gut to go back on it, and you have to spend weeks or months getting back to the right dose. Just something to consider.

How long have you been on it now and how high is your dose? Did you have an increase recently?

Hi Emmy, I have been on the Met for 20 years. When I changed my diet and cut down on what I eat I started having some issues. My thought is that the Met is redundant if one can control with insulin and getting rid of it might help with stomach issues.

Gary S

ok so now back on metformin. started taking 2 a day / 500mg.
now doc wants me to take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. work my way up to 3 in the am 2 at night. then she rx me tradjenta which has met in it plus some other drug. how much is too much of metformin? thank you.

2500 mg is I think a max dose. I took 2000 mg for years with no ill side effects. Tradjenta to my understanding does not contain met.

Gary S

my bad, it is Jentadueto, (containing Linagliptin and Metformin).
2500 sure sounds like alot ?

Now that's a horse of a different color. Two 500mg pills in the morning and three more in afternoon would be 2500Mg a day. Add in Jentadueto and that adds up to a lot of Met. I believe I would ask my doc about that. My understanding is that 2500MG is the max daily dose for Met.

Gary S

I found two sites that said the maximum safe dose 2550 mg a day (which should be taken as 850 mg three times a day) and another that says the maximum total daily dose for people taking insulin is 2500 mg for metformin and 2000 mg for metformin ER.

Take your pick. I'd check with my doctor or pharmacist.