Metformin plain | Stomach upset

I was diagnosis with Type2 on July 2009. Doctor asked me to take Metfrmin 1000 Mg twice a day. I continued it for 1 month. After that I stopped to take this medicine and controlled my blood sugar by diet and excercise. I had HBA1C was 5.8 in September, 2011 end. It was working fine till 1 month back. In last month I had FBS - 130 and after meal - 170.
I started to take metformin plain ( 500 mg ) after breakfast. It controlled my sugar but I think I have side effects of it. My stomach is used to upset, heart burn when I started to take metformin. Also In the night, I used to have pain in my both arms.

I am in New york for 6 months and I don't have any precription of any medicine.

Can someone suggest how can I get rid of these side effects ?

I take my Metformin at night so that the main side effects occur whilst I am asleep. This was recommended to me by my doctor.

I took metforim for 1 day. Its all I could handle. I have IBS and it aggravated my intestines so bad it wasnt worth it. Ive never taken it since.

I am recently diagnosed type 2, 5 weeks ago. My stomach two about two and a half weeks to get used to taking 1000 mg twice a day. Stomach is fine now and so are bowel movements.

I take 2000mg a day and have the stomach upset also. My friend that take the same dose said to ask the doctor for the extended release kind. That you don't have the problems on it. My problem... the doctor refuses to put me on it.

The side effects for Metformin include gas, indigestion, nausea, and stomach upset.


Perhaps your body needs some time to adjust to the medication.

Oil of oregano may help calm down your digestive system and make you feel a little better.

Oil of Oregano

I hope you feel better soon. Good luck to you.

One thing about Type 2 is one size does not always fit all. For some metformin is a nightmare with severe side effects and I have no advice for you how to get over the problems other than what has been posted.

You may need to go to a public clinic and get other medication from a Dr to treat this. Your fastings are high and you may need insulin. Type 2 can be progressive and you may have additional needs for better control.

@trc0705, how do you use the oil of oregano? how much do you use? It’s my understanding that the oil is extremely concentrated and potent; unlike the spice used in cooking. (When I use oregano in a jar for cooking, I sprinkle liberally. I’m guessing that one needs to be more cautious when using the oil of oregano.)

Ask your doctor for one of the Extended Release (XR) types of Metformin. They are much kinder on the stomach.

Are you saying you have no medical care? I suggest you find someone to see. MetXR was the best thing I ever did. No more abdominal side effects. Good luck. Nancy

@Manu, the third edition of the Art and Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education Desk Reference published by the American Association of Diabetes Educators makes the following suggestion:

“Patients should be instructed to take metformin with meals to reduce gastrointestinal side effects. They should also be told that a metallic tase may occur but will subside in time” (p. 509).

AADE (2014) The Art and Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education Desk Reference (3rd. Edition): Chicago, Illinois: AADE

I don’t know whether taking it with your meal or after your meal makes a difference, however, the above is what the AADE recommends.

All the best!