Gastric issues

Hi, all. I have been a Type 2 for 15 years or so, using Levemir, Metformin and Actos.

Unfortunately, I had a period of a few months in which I did not engage in very good glucose control. About three weeks ago, I noticed what I thought was constipation. Took OTC laxatives, and no dice.

I went to see my doc today, and he wants to keep a close eye on it. I am now never hungry, always feel full and am more or less eating three times a day out of force of habit. I’d having to dial down my Levemir dose due to low a.m. readings since I’m not eating much.

The bowel issues continue. Anyone else had such trouble?

I am under the same group of medicines along with byetta. Metformin is known for causing gastro irritation, diaherria and gas. I have experienced all of these. Approx once a month, I can expect to have a one of these symptoms. I couldn’t find anything for constitipation as a side effect. How much water are you drinking. If you think you are constipated you might want to increase the amount of fluids especially water with you diet.

I hope this helps.

I have been on Metformin and lost most of my appetite and forget or dont eat much at meals. This happens to some people who take it.

I also had to reduce my dosage because of stomach upset. Because of not having an appetite I dont have regular movements. Eating more vegetables helped me.

Thanks for the responses. I have been on these same meds for years, and if anything I had too-frequent movements. The doc tells me by blockage is above the colon (not to be too graphic), and I had a clean scope two years ago, so I have concerns about perhaps having some sort of stomach neuropathy.

As for water, that could be an issue. I haven’t been thirsty lately for some reason, so I have been forgetting to drink it. I: get most of my fluid from coffee.

BTW, I joined this group a while back and forgot about it. Glad to be aboard.