Metformin Side Effects Revisited

I've been on Metformin for three weeks. Overall, I'm happy with the way my blood sugars have stabilized. I'm doing my best with lower carb, but it's nice to be able to have something every once in a while that isn't quite zero carb and still be able to tolerate it.

But I've been having this really strange, very annoying side effect; my mouth has been dry. It's usually worse at night, around the time I need to take my next dose, and usually if I eat something (or a few somethings) or a sucking candy or two, it goes away.

If it were just annoying, though, I'd live with it. Yesterday, and maybe starting Thursday, my tongue began to hurt. At first it was only when my mouth was dry, but it's been all last night and all of today. I looked at it in the mirror and was surprised to see little white and red bumps--they look like inflamed taste buds, which makes sense, then, because things have tasted funny all day.

Has anyone had this? Does anyone think that I should ask my endo to switch me from the Metformin to something else?

Metformin has well-documented side effects, but I've never heard of anything even remotely like what you describe. It might possibly be something coincidental that is entirely unrelated to the Metformin. I would have the doc look into it to find out one way or the other.

guitarnut, I don't have any side effects from Metformin. Are you in Australia? If you are Diabex XR is supposed to be easier to tolerate than the old fashioned Metformin.
I think you should see your local doctor about the bumps on your tongue, sounds like it relates to something else.

I'm being tested for Sjogren's Syndrome because the rheumatologist was a little worried that my mouth was so dry when I saw him, but that was after I'd started the Metformin and I think it might've exacerbated a previous issue, because I've had problems before but never this bad. If it IS Sjogren's (but let's face it, I never test positive for anything, even when I should), then that solves everything, but even so if it's still a problem I'll switch from Met...and I'm getting way ahead of myself here, so I'll shut up.

*sigh* If only. Good ol' USA!

But your image is a koala, slothful creatures, sleep most of their lives away!

I had to pick something, and I found that in my laptop's stock photos. Also, I LOVE koalas and I actually have a minor obsession with marsupials (I know, I'm such a dork when it comes to Biology). But mostly it was the convenience of the stock photo (of which I have about four).

Can I sleep my life away? I'm soooo tired! :-)

No! You absolutely may not. Are you depressed? Can you do something today (actually probably tomorrow) to brighten up your life. Forget worrying about metformin, it is actually the most easily tolerated of all the T2 drugs. And that is from me who absolutely HATES taking tablets and sometimes gags at the thought and whilst taking them. Hugz, Maureen, in hot, hot Perth

No, I'm not depressed! I slept about 6 hours last night and I spent all day cleaning. I'm just exhausted! And I'm getting up in about 6 hours from now, so I know I'm not getting a decent amount of sleep until Monday night.

The only pills that have ever gagged me are the vitamin C pills, because they're so sour. The Met's pretty wide, so it comes close sometimes.

My dr. told me to take the Metformin at night so the worst side effects would be over by daytime. I take the same dose as you do. I was originally told to take one morning and one in the evening, which I did, and have noticed no difference in blood sugars when taking them both at night. It does save me worrying about side effects which I am sure causes you to actually feel a bit funny in one way or another. I can be prone to psychosomatic illnesses if I allow myself.
Sleep well and soundly!

My dr. told me to take it after dinner, so I'm sure he was aiming in the same direction. Other than loss of appetite (which I'm definitely not complaining about), the only side effect is the dry mouth, which is always worst around the time it should be wearing off. Go figure.

Thank you!