Mexico Pharmacies having tainted pharmaceuticals

UCLA working with LA Times found counterfeit prescription drugs laced with fentanyl at pharmacies in Mexico. I know people sometimes go there to get prescription drugs and it’s easier because a good deal of the time you don’t actually need a script. People have mentioned it on our forum. I would not be trusting getting pharmaceuticals there. Canada is probably a better alternative for now.

And in case LA Times limits your reading the article…

Prescription Pills Laced With Meth, Fentanyl Sold in Northern Mexico Pharmacies: Report.

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I wonder if it’s restricted to stimulant or opioid drugs like Ritalin and Vicodin. That’s what would make sense for them to substitute. Much cheaper to make Fentanyl and Methampetamine.

have been used for many years as a fake drug, they make you feel good and full of energy, and people will misread that as the medication working, then become addicted to it and will continue to buy it until they die.This is not a new thing, but maybe it’s new in the official pharmacies, I don’t know.
I bought insulin in Mexico 25 years ago as an experiment, I needed to see a doctor in Mexico first to get a script.
It all seemed fine and I used the insulin but when I added the cost of travel and the script and the insulin, I no longer saved any money.

They had some of the drugs on TV on Bret Baier. They listed as the main ones. 44% average had something mixed into them. 30% Oxycodone pills contained fentanyl, 11% oxycodone contained heroin, 82% Adderall pills contained methamphetamine. In a LA Times follow up, 71% of medications purchased from 3 Mexican cities tested positive for fentanyl or meth. Another articles mentions Xanax too. The problem is the articles don’t list all of them? One article states some weaker pain killers also had fentanyl.

On the news it says they were originally tipped off by a package that had a wrong UPC code.

"In Tijuana, reporters found that pills sold as oxycodone tested positive for fentanyl, while pills sold as Adderall tested positive for methamphetamine. Testing conducted farther south in Cabo San Lucas and nearby San José del Cabo bore similar results, although there, even weaker painkillers — including pills sold as hydrocodone — also tested positive for fentanyl. Many are nearly indistinguishable from their legitimate counterparts.

In total, the Times investigation found that 71% of the 17 pills tested came up positive for more powerful drugs." All were bought at Mexican pharmacies.

PS They also mentioned on TV that a blood thinner drug in a branded box, but was counterfeit, had 0% actual blood thinner in it.