Hi - This is my sister and she has diabetes!

I had to go back to school tonight (If you didn't know, I'm a teacher) to get some last minute things done (tomorrow is open house and I also have a workshop tomorrow so I had to get my plans ready for my substitute teacher). I decided to take my daughters along with me. There were some kids there for after school basketball practice. Two of these kids were out in the hallway waiting for their brother to finish practice. My oldest daughter asked if she could go say "hi". I said sure. She then went over to the boys and took Olivia with her. I could hear the conversation...

Gwen (1st grade)- Hi what is your name.

Boys - They told her their name - one was a 4th grader and one was in preschool.

Gwen - My name is Gwen and this is my sister, Olivia, and she has diabetes! Do you know what diabetes is?

Boys - knodding their heads no!

Gwen - It's when something in her body doesn't work right and she needs to get alot of shots. We also need to prick her finger for blood to see what her number is. She cannot eat lots of candy, but she needs to drink milk everyday to stay healthy.

Greatest Sister Ever

At her age she doesn't completely understand, but I was proud of her for raising awareness. Thank you Gwen for being a great big sister.

What a cute story Ronda. I think it’s great that your daughter is aware of her sister’s disease - and has her own ideas of how to deal with it. :slight_smile: The milk is priceless. :slight_smile:

Out of the mouth of babes! They deal with it better than we do.

They are pretty great at this age!