Military Wife w/ Diabetes

My husband is in the Army, we are currently stationed in California. Are there any other military/family memebers with diabetes? Do you have problems with getting referrals and authorization for diabetes care? What has been your experience???

Just Curious

I’m retired from the Navy and a Type I. I have two kids that are both Type I’s also. I raised them through the Military Health system. To answer your question, I have had a few problems with Tricare but mainly my problems has been with their RX company, Express Scripts. If ANYTHING out of the ordinary occurs, I bow my head, take a deep breath and start the phone calls. With patience and fortitude I’ve been able to set them straight and get my way but it hasn’t been easy! I’m using the HMO Tricare Prime which can further complicate matters. I’m trying to get a CG monitor approved now and it’s not been easy. They approved my pump on the first try! My biggest problem with Tricare has been finding a Endo that accepts Tricare Prime. I’ve had to travel long distances and wait awhile just to get in so now, I rely on my primary care Doc for most of my needs. Sorry to ramble on but know your not alone! Let me know if I can ever help! bob

I was denied my Pump on the first try, appealed and won the second time around. What area do you live in, I may know an Endo they’ll approve. My Endo’s office wants me to use the Dexcom but they said Tricare will only pay for a 7 day trial. Let me know how it goes…LOL! you aren’t rambling, I understand…trust me! Tricare is good at times but can make my BG’s rise trying to deal w/ them.

I live in West Palm Beach Florida. What do you mean by a 7 day trial for the dexcom? Just curious.

My Endo office said Tricare will not pay for the Dexcom system but they will pay for a 7 day trial. My Endo’s office offers trials for Dexcom and the only thing I have to do is have them submit for an auth. I will find out more for you when I go back in June.