Tri-Care and Pumps

The doctor and I talked today about pumps and they said the ones they use are Animas by One Touch. A friend of mine down the street just put her daughter on that pump but I cannot get a hold of her to ask what she paid. Any of you use this pump with tri-care and was it a hassle? Did you have a copay on the pump?
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I have the animas ping and went through tricare. It might be different for dependents but I paid nothing. It was easy. I was refered to an endo as my base hospital doesn’t have one. When I saw him for the first time I told him I wanted to go on the pump, I chose which one I wanted and he did the rest. Animas contacted me to set up the training and which color I wanted. 2 weeks later I had the pump went through training and started on insulin that day. The whole process took about 3 weeks. The only thing I did was choose which pump, what color, and which infusion set I wanted. The doctor and tricare did the rest.

I am an active duty dependent and use a medtronic pump - 722. With Tricare, there is no co-pay for the Minimed pump or supplies. Hope this helps!


same here 722 and the CGMS and no out of pocket cost for my pump pump supplies or CGMS I am a dependent as my husband is active

Is that through the military pharmacy? Cause we use civilian pharmacies and we have insane copays. I want something that military pharmacies cover.

no it is through the pump company well except strips and lancets but we meet our catrophie cap for the yr so no copays till oct

we have prime… it works for us because her last hospital stay was over 165k. I haven’t yet spent a dime.

I had prime till doc on post would not care for me due to insulin pump and no endo in the area and it was easier to have standard since I see all off post specialist and don’t need a referrel I learned the referrel thing the hard way after going to an urgent care with out consulting my pcm before hard which how do you do that if it is after hrs and the ER wait is 4 hrs min.? geeze

yeah see yesterday we got a 300$ bill from choc, but we we’re upset and called tri-care and they have no clue why choc is charging us.

See how does standard work? As you know we don’t make much and with kids and car payment and living in base housing its kinda cruched as is. how much is a co pay?

We lived on post when I changed and doc visits were 12 to 20 dollar copay including specialist like endo and all else is 20 percent as long as they are in the tricare network I only me the cap since I had my appendix out in nov. my biggest issue with prime was with the post phammacy they didn’t carry my humalog so I had to go off post but copays for all scripts are 3 for generic and 9 for others. and cap is only 1000 a yr then no out of pocket cost including doc visits, scripts, specialist, ER, hospital and test. so now nothing is cost and for a family with active E-4 and under the cap is 1000 for family and individuals and E-5 and above it is 3000 a family I think? we use family savings acoount to pay for all medical till cap is made. also it applied all copays for off post docs to my cap when I switched to standard so that helped and I use Durable med equpitment for pump supples and it is nothing out of pocket for either prime or standard. I have had tricare my whole life and was only on prime for a yr before that my dad is a Col. and I had standard since I was born. also if you use out of network docs with standard it kicks in extra automaticlly and is 25% of cost for visit instead of 20%. personally for me with the diabetes I prefer to pick my endo and CDE and other diabetes docs and it has made me feel better about the care I recieve. my husband is E-4 and we make crap too as I am sure you know and I was still allowed to use army hospitals and pharmacy and urgent care on post with standard which helps cut cost and that is no cost too. I feel you on the hospital thing my last visit was an BG of 16 and I was in the ICU for a week it was 172K but since we used the army hospital since ambulance was on post it cost nothing.

my husband is also E-4 and our cap is $1000. ive only paid about $200 something out of pocket. but we have standard so i am able to go off post but none of my doctors have ever billed me nor have i ever had to pay a co-pay. so i have no idea how to meet my $1000 before october when the new year starts. its very frustrating and ive talked to tricare multiple times and they are all at a loss of words. i do go to the on post clinic and get my meds but i am really wanting to get a pump and she said its a 80/20 plan. so we are in charge of 20%. well i have heard that pumps are $5000. theres no way we can afford 20% of that plus equipment and medicine. any advice?

My son just recently went on the Omnipod pump and we didn’t have any co-pay. I am active duty and on the minimed pump myself.