Minimed 5 series remote?

Anyone here have one of the Minimed 5 series remotes, which can be used for remote bolusing? Wondering how useful it is, as it doesn’t seem to be too expensive. Can it send square wave boluses as well as normal boluses, and can it cancel boluses in progress? And it can’t set temp basals or anything like that right?

MM sent me one once and it was just one more thing to cart around so I never used it. It can bolus or suspend the pump. You have to adjust a few settings in your pump to allow the remote to work.
Here is from the 5 series manual for Using The Remote Control
The Remote Control is an optional accessory that allows you to program a bolus or suspend and restart your pump without pressing any of the pump’s buttons! The Remote Control contains a transmitter that sends signals to a receiver in your pump. This is designed to add more freedom and flexibility to your daily activities! Of course, you can still program your pump by using the four main pump buttons.
_The Remote Control is a very simple and easy to use device. _
_Three buttons control all the programming: _
• ‘STOP’: Suspends or restarts your pump
• ‘BOL’: Allows you to set an Audio bolus
• ‘ACT’: activates your programming choices

I have used the remote in the past, but not recently.
I use the Easy Bolus frequently for small corrections, so the remote was easy to learn.

Have you used the Audio / Easy Bolus on your pump ? If so, the Remote can only do the same as that. If not, give it a try, and you will know what the remote would offer.

Once you turn on the Easy Bolus feature, you set a given amount. I use .2 units. Then each time you hit the easy bolus button on the pump, it increments by that amount, and when you confirm, you get that much bolus (it counts back how many times, and you confirm again). The remote does the same as the easy bolus/confirm (activate) buttons on the pump. That’s it. No wizard, square wave/dual/direct entry of bolus amount.

How far away will the remote work? Like, could you be in another room and bolus your son/daughter without him noticing?

I always used it for myself, so can’t answer how far away it would transmit. You may be able to find that on the Medtronics website, or call their customer support for the specifications.
I know the Animas Ping uses a combination Meter/remote that can deliver bolus, and I think do most functions of the pump. Do you already have a MM pump, or is Ping an option ?

I wouldn’t do that since you need to get a confirmation back from the pump. The remote itself is like a tv-remote, i.e. not providing any feedback.