Minimed 630

Can I use my dexcom sensor with the 630 medtronic minimed?

You can use the dexcom sensor with dexcom receiver or iphone, etc, but it won’t communicate with the Minimed pump. You can use it as a ‘stand-alone’ pump, and it knows nothing about the dexcom data.

I use dexcom and minimed 523, but they are not integrated.

So do you buy the 630 with the sensor and just not turn it on or do you get just the pump? And do you know the cost?

You basically have 3 choices.

Choice 1 - which I currently have using MM 523 pump + Dexcom G4.
You can use the 2 separate systems. Dexcom sensor with Dexcom receiver for CGMS. Separate Minimed Pump for insulin delivery. There is no automated insulin delivery directly controlled by the dexcom sensor readings.

Choice 2
You can stop using the Dexcom sensor, and switch to the Medtronic Enlite Sensor with MM pump. Once you are using the Medtronic sensor, you will see the sensor BG readings on the MM pump, and the MM pump can be set up to suspend when the readings are low. If you later upgrade to the MM 670, there is more integration with the pump and sensor readings (new Guardian sensor replaces the enlite).

Choice 3
Keep using Dexcom sensor and use a non-medtronic pump that integrates with Dexcom. Animas and Tandem are possible options.

The costs are dependent on your insurance.
If you currently have a Minimed pump that is in warranty, there may be upgrade options, and you should check the medtonic website or contact them for your specific situation and options.
Are you currently using a MM pump ?

Thanks for your help. I love my Dexcom sensor. I think I am going to see what I can get from Medtronic… I want to use my dexcom. Just wanted to hear what products others use. Thanks again.

Yes I have a medtronic minimed

There are many other discussions here on the new 630/670. Do a search and you will find them.