CGM opinions: Enlite or DexCom? WITH a Medtronic Pump?

Is anyone using a Medtronic pump with a DexCom?
I can finally get either one (now covered by husband’s new job, yay!!). But which?

I’ve been on a Medtronic pump for about 20 years, and have used their Elite sensors off and on. (Love having a CGM, hate the frequent Enlite calibration). But does it make the most sense to stick with it - because the sensor talks to my pump?

Or, is the DexCom a better product and worth the step of entering BG into my pump manually? I love the idea of the info going to my phone and then, with an app, being a readout on my Apple watch. (Yes, I’d need a newer phone AND a watch!) But it sounds like the DexCom is well-loved - small and discreet and doesn’t need calibrating at ridiculous times. Or is terribly annoying if you don’t have your phone with you constantly?

Please weigh in with experience and opinions, thanks!
48 yrs, female
Type1 27 years
HBA1C 7.0

I also used Medtronic pumps for many years (507-523). I used the sof-sensors, which was before enlites. Then switched to dexcom Seven, and continued using Medtronic pump, along with upgrades to dexcom G4, then G6, so no integration with medtronic pump and cgm.

When Tandem came out with dexcom cgms integration, I switched (2020), so now use T-Slim + Dexcom G 6.

Having read many others reviews of Medtronics auto-mode, and comparing to Tandem, I chose to go with T-Slim, no regrets.

I believe a future version of Medtronic pump will integrate with dexcom cgms, but don’t know timeframe.

So really depends on whether you want integration now with cgms data communicated to pump to adjust insulin or wait and see for a dexcom+medtronics option.

Are you interested in tubeless pump? Tandem is coming out with an interesting “pod”, with short infusion set, that I think will also integrate with dexcom cgms. That may be my next choice, not sure when available.

This article mentions possibility of Medtronic pump integrated with Dexcom…


Thanks so much for all that - I imagine if Medtronic sees existing long time customers migrating away from their CGM they are indeed going to need to work with, or beat Dexcom, at this sensor game. =)

It sounds like avoiding all the calibrating might just off-set the challenges of non-integrated Medtronic system.

I did watch a video that compared results, and the Dexcom was marginally better (10% different over a week, vs Medtronic 15% variability), but that level of accuracy is not as much a concern.
Hopefully I don’t find frustration in the alerts and low alarms that I understand can be annoying. Thanks again for your feedback!

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I could never get the enlites to work right.
I tried the guardian and it was actually worse.

That was why I went to dexcom and tslim.

I wanted the automation, so I switched off completely. I really doubt that Medtronic will abandon its sensors. They have a lot invested in it.
Eventually it will be comparable.
Don’t hold your breath that it will ever be integrated.

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The Enlites were horrible for me. The Guardian 3 sensor they produce now though is very good (again, for me). I’ve run the Guardian 3 in tandem with the Dexcom (G5) when i switched to Medtronic, and found them virtually the same.

Guardian G3 require a minimum of two calibrations a day.


thanks - glad to know the guardian 3 sensors are at least better… and maybe the new guardian 4 (evidently not requiring calibration!?) will be better yet, though maybe that’s a closed loop hybrid I’ll look into when it’s time to replace my 630G.

thanks - I think one of my hesitations about the Dexcom was a fear that the alarms would go off either inaccurately, or too frequently (especially in the night) - but from what I’ve read the sensor 12-hr soak before transferring to the next is the best way to deal with that. IS there an override/snooze option, if the alarm goes off at night? IS it better than it was?

You can set the frequency of reminders and thresholds. . Especially important for at night. Once you’ve viewed an alarm, it seems to go quiet for a while. I get an alert as it gets to 4.2 mmol/l or if it’s dropping fast at night- reminder to have an orange juice. I also get awoken if it hits 11, but no high reminders then for four hours.
I do t get many wake-up notifications, and when I go, I’m happy: I need to do something!
I don’t have to do any “soaking”.
And I find the 6 to be very accurate and consistent with finger pokes. I don’t even bother calibrating anymore more.

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That’s very encouraging! Sounds like a fine system now - you have similar thresholds to me (Canadian, so also appreciating seeing those numbers in mmol, ha!)

Meant to say don’t get many alerts at night.
And when I do it’s because I need to do something about it.
I’m using the app on my iPhone and the customization for alerts is pretty intuitive.
I’m getting a pump soon (Tslim) and hope it is as straightforward.

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I have all alarms turned off except the under 55 which you can’t turn off.
That’s also the case if you turn your phone to silent.

I have a tandem pump, so I never go low at night, so it’s been a very long time since I’ve been woken up from it.

Still if I go low , I really want to be woken up, that’s why I have it.


Could somebody clue me in on what the “soaking” is?

We tried the Medtronic and their system and it just didn’t work. Went to t:slim and Dexcom and have never regretted it. Seldom any nighttime disturbance because the pump will automatically adjust your insulin to keep you level. If it can’t do it automatically you get an alarm. It’s such a lifesaver. BTW, I used a Medtronic for 20+ years too.

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I understand the practice of “soaking” is inserting a sensor but then giving it a number of hours (6-12) to soak/warm-up in your interstitial fluid before you actually turn it on, or switch over from your old sensor.

Thanks for letting me know how well the tSlim/Dexcom combo is working for you.

Just remember that what people discuss most is whatever problems they’re seeing. It doesn’t mean that the majority of users are having this problem, but does it mean you will. Not everyone gets the first 24-hour blues.

I’ve never had any need to pre-soak. My trend is a little jumpy the first hour or two, but just a little bit, like plus or minus 5-7 mg/dl.

I’m another one loving the Tandem/Dexcom combo, too, though I understand it’s probably annoying to read if you’re in a Medtronic warranty. There are people posting often about using Dexcom w/ Medtronic systems because they hate Medtronic sensors. I have no clue why they’re not chiming in to comment, though.


May not be especially useful but yes, I’ve got an old pager-style Paradigm and I use Dexcom 6, which is the setup I’ve been using, with one hiatus, for 6 years. They’re not integrated, but I’m fine with that. The hiatus was when I did try the Med 670G/Guardian 3 thing, and the looping part didn’t work well for me so I turned it off. Then I realized my old pump, which I still had, was simpler to use, and I didn’t care for the G3 CGM, so I reverted to my old setup. Which I’m still using 4 yrs later. And may just stick with, since I’m not super keen on switching to either Tandem or the latest MedT pump just to fight with their automation software again.

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That’s SO interesting to hear, glad to know it can work.
There’s all sorts of annoying things with NEW minimed pumps I can’t believe they haven’t fixed!
All the buttons one has to press in general (to see my last BG on the daily history is NINE clicks!!), not to mention the hassle to unlock each time. And why when you clip on it your belt, did they design it so other people can see the readout, but the wearer has to twist it around to see it upside right? ha!
In BC Canada my only options for a “covered pump” included just 2, Medtronic and Ominpod, so I’ve stuck with what I know. Glad the older one’s still working for you.


thanks Robyn - a good perspective!
I certainly appreciate many people not being happy with Medtronic sensors! I think the DexCom is worth a try, even if it means the hassle of having to have my phone nearby instead of the Medtronic option where levels are displayed handily on my pump.

Do you have a watch then? Or just a phone? (I’m hoping to find out if I get an Apple watch if I can walk away from my phone and still have it be accurate (at home, with wifi on). I understand sugarmate app means you get updates every 5 minutes, but do the phone & watch always need to be in bluetooth-close proximity (like 30 feet)?


Only a phone or a receiver or a pump can get cgm data.
The Apple Watch can’t do that. It needs to be near your phone.
Sugarmate hijacks the calendar function so you can see the glucose data even if you aren’t near your phone but has to be connected to WiFi.

I’m not sure about it if you have acellular watch. Then probably you can walk off and leave your phone behind. But I haven’t tried that.

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thanks for the info - no I won’t be getting a cellular watch, just using wifi, so sounds like I’ll need to carry the phone everywhere, sigh. And to use the Dexcom, I have to GET a newer iPhone too.

I noticed on this page that there are many things the apple watch can do without cellular, but you’re right, sadly Calendar is not one of them.


So I recently switched to Dexcom from the Medtronic Guardian. I wore both for about 10 days. The newest Guardian sensor is pretty darn accurate. I found both the Dexcom G6 and Guardian to be extremely close much of the time with the Dexcom being more reliable. Both at times could be off from my actual BG, but that is part of wearing a CGM. There are always going to be times where the CGM might be trying to play “catch-up” with the BG because it is in your interstital fluid. I am now soley on the Dexcom G6 after using both the Medtronic Elites, Guardians, and pumping with the 530, 630, and 670g. I am now on a Tandem pump. I am much happier using the Dexcom G6. I haven’t had to do a finger stick in about 3 weeks. I LOVE the freedom. Because I am using the Tandem T:Slim pump I don’t need my phone- the Tandem acts as a receiver for the Dexcom much like my Medtronic pumps acted as the receiver for both my Enlites and Guardian sensors.

Do you have plans to try the newest Medtronic pump wth the Algorithm?

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