Minimed 630g users

I currently have an Animas Vibe insulin pump. In the Spring of 2018, Minimed is supposed to call me. I am thinking about getting the 630 in order to get out of Animas. How do those who have a 630g like it? What don’t you like about it.

I’ve had the 630g since May of 2017. As this is my first pump ever I have nothing to compare it to though but I do like it , A set change is quick ( 5 min ) Color screen is nice and clear and I forget I have it on most of the time. Because of the screens orientation you kinda have to unclip it to read, is it a hassle- some say yes-others say no big deal. For me, No big deal. CGM is with the elite sensors I don’t have CGM so cannot comment on there accuracy compared to others. Without CGM battery last at least a month, with CGM I don’t really know. Includes the Contour Next Link 2.4 meter and prob one of the best in my opinion. Can bolus from it via bluetooth but I never use that option. Comes in only one color - Black, but you can get silicon skins for it, comes with one and you can pick the color when ordering. Being in Canada we don’t have access to the T-slim but I’m not sure I would get one anyway. Medtronic’s customer service has been very good for me so no worries there. Over all I like it alot and would not hesitate to get another- Cheers


Very accurate meter IMO, but I can’t see the screen outside. Because of that issue, I bought some of the other Contour meters such as the Contour Next ONE (love it), and the Contour Next EZ. Both of those are easy to read outside. the EZ was so cheap that it was a no-brainer to buy it. Then I saw the ONE and bought it not long after. Then I got the Dexcom, which came with another ONE. :slight_smile: the ONE communicates through BT, so with an app on your phone, the meter will send results to your phone.