630g insulin pump

I am officially a 630 g minimed user! I did my pump training yesterday. I am in the process of getting used to the buttons and layout of the screen. My cgm training is on the 5th of April. I have already ordered it. It is funny, but this is my first time using a different pump (as my last 3 pumps were an Animas’pump)and this pump kind of scared me. I think I will get used to it.though.

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Keep us updated on how you like it. I’m hoping to keep my brand new Ping alive for four years…?!

My best advice for the Ping.

Do NOT over-tighten the battery cap. Be gentle. IMHO there is an engineering defect which has the battery cap being stronger than the pump case. Making the cap too tight can crack the pump casing. IMHO the battery cap should have been made weaker such that any over-tighten would break the cap.

Purchase extra cartridge covers (the rubber boot) and battery caps. It would not be a shocker for those to be some of the first items to become hard to obtain.

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Good points! I have had about 8 Animas pumps over the years and when I traded my broken ping I think I kept all the parts. You have me wondering so I am going to look!

Animas was always quick to replace a pump if there was anything wrong with it. And with the replacement came additional caps. I also still have the original spares I bought with my first Ping years ago plus extra clips. But if you are going to try to keep your Ping going for an additional 4 years, where are you going to get supplies for it after Medtronics stops selling them in September 2019?

Hey, wicked. Me too! I hafta send in my vibe to Medtronic. Too bad, was hoping to keep it as a backup. Oh well… Had a few more supplies than I thought. Not sure what to do with them. I guess I will keep them, cuz ya never know! Keeping my dexcom G5. No interest in the Medtronic cgm.

I switched HMO’s last year, and I have an in warranty Revel 723, plus my brand new Ping. My HMO got it for me so I could get a color screen. For myself, I know I have enough Medtronic supplies and a perfectly good Medtronic pump so I can keep going if I run out of Ping supplies. I was going to really stock up, but my darn HMO has made DME 30 percent for 2018 and so I cannot afford to stash all the stuff I wanted to stash. I use Cleo sets and Smith medical says they will continue to make them with the proper connections.