Minimed 770G Compatible Phones

Is anyone else completely frustrated by the Medtronic 770G list of phones that are compatible with the pump? The reason I upgraded to the 770G was because of the ability to see my sensor readings on my phone. Now that I have the pump and installed the app, I find out that my phone isn’t compatible.

My phone is a Google Pixel 3a XL. That’s a fairly common phone (released in 2019) and it’s running Android 11 (the latest). My understanding is that the app simply reads data from the pump via Bluetooth. Bluetooth has been around for ages. Why on earth is the app limited to a few, very expensive, phones instead of based on what version of Android is installed??

Hi @Bob6 and welcome! I don’t know the actual answer to your ask, but the phone selections are similar to Dexcom’s. For Dexcom at least, the phone selection had to do with BT security protocols and how fractured the Android ecosystem is. Possibly in the near future as El Goog continues to tighten up the ecosystem and implement additional BT security protocols (an udate dropped just this month) the list might grow. You might also look on Reddit for the actual Medtronic app with the Play store restrictions removed.

Thanks @El_Ver for the quick reply! I checked on reddit but couldn’t find the app there yet but I’ll keep searching. Thanks for the Bluetooth explanation as well. Hopefully more phones will be added soon.


I am not certain how long you have had the 770g I am guessing a few days to weeks. I woudl call your pump trainer, CDE or at last resort the Medtronic help line to discuss the issue. I think they have been fairly specific for IPhones, but I do not recall specific models for Android. I use IPhone so it is no wonder I only half paid attention.

At any rate if you are unhappy with the 770g I would get in touch with Medtronic in some fashion and talk to them about sending it back.

I suspect if you have not used it long you might be able to return it.

If you woudl like I can give my contact at Medtronic your name and email and see if I can get them to reach out to you No gurantees, I do nto work at Medtronic, but if I can be helpful I will be happy to do so.

If you wish me to do so, please msg me directly on this web site and I will be happy to ask them to reach out to you. Again no guarantees, I do not work for Medtronic, but I am glad to help if I can.


Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

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