Watch to view Minimed data

Does anyone know if there is a watch I can see my cgm data without using a cellphone?

Maybe this if you have apple watch??

No, you need the phone.

Then its misleading to say directly from compatible watch.

I am probably going to get a new phone. The watvmch would have been nice but not if you need the phone too. Maybe somebody will make a compatible watch without needing a smartphone, IDK. For now I think I’ll stick with the phone.

There is one. Check out this watch Bluejay.

Not sure about Medtronic data display.

I’m not familiar with xdrip. I think I will get a new cellphone if Medtronic can’t figure out why it isn’t working when it was before.

You may find some good info here. But I only use android watch and Tandem pump. My watch gets data from xDrip.

I wouldn’t know how to do xdrip. Isn’t it complicated? I looked into using a dexcom with a medtronic pump and it looked very difficult. I think you needed to be connectd to the cellphone towers or something like that.