Minimed and time taken to ship supplies

I feel your pain. On November 7 I placed a supply order for my son who is away at college. I was told I’d have the supplies in short order. Then I got a call from customer service advising that I needed a new medical authorization for my sons cgm supplies. I argued because the cgm was only purchased last summer. ThE guy said it would take another ten days or so. Just realized, when I saw my practically depleted supplies that they still havent shipped my order. Our supplies are now practically depleted. Plus, adding insult to injury, my insurance policy resets every December first. I told them this had to b processed before a new six grand deductible hit me on December first. Im calling them tomorrow. Mighty, seriously upset.

I too have a CGM supplies new prescription needed warning in with this latest batch of supplies.

I'm currently looking at keeping my paradigm purely for the CGM, and looking into other pumping solutions.
The way I see it is, I've paid for it, and it can continue to function as a wireless CGM like the dex does, but I can also use another device to pump insulin until someone else gets around to integrating a pump and CGM.
I rarely use the wizards on the minimed and so the only thing it really integarates in my life is having glucose readings on the same readout as my insulin doser.

The pod is tempting. I'd be entirely wireless and cordless and still have a very similar setup to what I'm using now.

Not to mention that my current minimed is my 4th on this warranty (which recently expired) and it's having the same up button problems the previous 3 have had. I'm told this is due to humidity.

In short, I'm sick of minimed, and the people from the pod company have been helpful and rapidly responsive.
I'm more than ready to be sold on another company, and they tell me they're working on an integrated setup with dex, as I've heard are onetouch with the ping pump.

Just a quick follow up to my earlier post, I telephoned Medronic first thing this morning, but apparently before they opened for business. Instead of speaking with a human being, I was greeted with an automated operator who advised that any supplies ordered today (December 7th), may not ship out before the first of January. The automated voice cautioned that any orders shipping out on January 1 or thereafter, would be subject to the next year's deductible, inasmuch as Medtronic does not bill insurance companies until AFTER shipment. My plan year begins on December 1st.

In light of their having failed to ship my order that was placed on November 7th, it appears that Medtronic's processing methodology is targeted toward running out the policy year, so that your already-met deductible is useless, and your insurance company gets to avoid paying for supplies. Fortunately for the insurance company, they get to hit me for another nearly $6K in deductibles on an order that should have been covered at 100%.

If anyone has had a similar experience and is interested in pursuing a class action, please contact me at I will keep your informed while I explore legal options with the law firm where I'm employed.


What about doing automatic refills? My box comes every 3 months like clock-work. They send me an email and give me a call (recording) when the box has shipped. I've done this for over 10 years and have never had any problems.

In truth, at least for me, it's the cost. I've grown accustomed to stretching out the usage when I need to from my supplies and so times being what they are, I wait as long as possible...

I think this is how I got turned on to low carbing as well in fact :D I was running out of insulin, knowing that I would get a free sample amount from my endo if I could make it last out had me being a scrooge like diabetic.

Shrug. Going on what Lisa says, I wonder why it takes them a full Month to get everything together when they don't charge the insurance until it ships? I suppose I always presumed that because it was such a massive amount of time that they were waiting on full payments before shipping.

I'm updating my earlier posts to report that MM satisfactorily resolved our issue by: a) apologizing for their failure to timely ship out the supplies we ordered on November 7th; and b) by finally shipping out those same supplies, GRATIS. That final point is of significant importance to our family, inasmuch as a new deductible year began for us on December 1st. The nearly $3K in supplies we ordered, if they'd been shipped out promptly, would have been covered 100% by our insurance company. Submitted now to the insurance company, I'd be faced with paying the bill full-freight, and applying same toward our $5,700 deductible.

Minimed did the right thing! I applaud them and thank them.

Boy, Oh, Boy, do I thank them!