Minimed CGMS sites?

Where do you usualy insert your CGMS? My endo suggested to try my arms. Does anyone ever put them there? If you have any input on different sites, please let me know!

I usually put the sensor in my hip.

We (my daughter and I) started putting the senor in her arm. She has much better matching numbers. Also in the belly area, we would have to pull the senors in two days, as the site starts to get red then she complains of burning and painful to the touch. The arms are a hit with her! She does not want any other spot.

I only use my stomach.

My pump specialist suggested that I use the fatty part just below the pelvic bone on my backside. I used to use my abdomen but since that’s where I keep my site it got a little cramped for space. It seems to do just fine back there.

when you insert the sensor in your daughters arm are you inserting up or down? I too have been thinking about my arm. Also in the abdomen area it seems to interfere with belts, waistbands and general bending. Thanks for your insight.


I’ve been having a lot of problems with my sites. First I became allergic to the tegaderm that was great at holding the whole thing down. Then I tried various tapes, which didn’t hold it as steady. Since I was putting it just above the beltline and sideways, it would move as I moved or bumped it and I had two pull out within two days (arggghhh!!!) My husband suggested I consider gravity in all of this and we did some testing looking at the sensors that came out and realized that the weight of the transmitter and the movement were making the transmitter pull to the side and gravity wasn’t helping the sensor. Now I’ve got one on my lower abdomen and with the sensor pointed down and the transmitter held by IV3000 and it’s working pretty well, though the IV3000 doesn’t last. But I’m with the rest of you who think this compromises other good infusion set sites. I can’t see using my arms because of sleeves. It would be hard to get it on my arm in a way that I wouldn’t be worried about getting dressed or how to replace the sticky. A lot of people I see who say this is good are parents who are doing it with kids who have help with getting dressed and placing it.

Robin- what direction are you using on your hip?