CGM alternate insertion sites

I’m trying to make the MM cgm work for me…just wondering what insertion sites you guys use. The manual only discusses the stomach, but that doesn’t work well for me. Anyone have luck with thighs or buttocks? Any tips for these sites? What about back of the arm - if I can find a helper will that work?

I don’t use my abdomen. Don’t get great correlation there. I do use the backs of my arms, with help, as well as the tops of my thighs where I get the best correlation.

I rotate starting right abdomen, then left abdomen. Left upper leg outside,right upper leg outside. That give me a 12 day rotation and all four sites work pretty good for me.

rick phillips

I get the best results when I use my lower back (between my waistband and the bottom of my bra, wherever I can pinch a bit of fat). I insert it myself there by twisting round, or it is easier if you get get someone to do it for you. I also use my stomach but find it to be slightly less accurate.

thanks for the response. When you use your thighs do you have trouble with it pulling loose? What about rubbing against pants/jeans? I’m assuming you must need additional tape. I used to put the quick-set in my thigh, buth ad terrible problems with soreness, bruising, etc. Do you get these problems in the thigh? Also, how many days are you able to leave it in?

Hi Sarah, I have been putting my MM CGM sensors in my thighs for 2 months now. I like it because I get good readings and it frees up my abdomen for infusion sets. I aim for a meaty part of my thigh. If I am sitting down with my legs close together I would say the CGM is an 1/8th of the way down my thigh (toward knee) and about 1:30 to 2:30 on the clock. I cover the sensor with tagaderm and don’t have many problems with it comming out. I also get good reception unless a laptop or something is in my lap (I wear my pump on my belt).

I probably average 7 days with a sensor and my max is 13. When the ISIG value starts to drop out of the teens for readings around 100 mg/dl I know my sensor is on its way out. When my sensor’s life is spent I recharge the tranmitter and insert in the other leg.

Could you describe a bit more what you mean by “1:30 to 2:30 on the clock”? Are you referring to the direction in which the needle points on insertion, or whether it’s on the outside (hip-side) or inside (near the other leg) of your leg?

I have always placed the sensor down (toward the knee) and the transmitter up (toward my pump).

1:30 to 2:30 o’clock: I am trying to describe the location as in 12 would be straight up toward the sun (top of leg), 6 would be straight down toward the ground (bottom of leg), 3 would be the inside of my leg and 6 would be the out side of my leg. Of course this refers to sitting down in a chair like I described above. 1:30 to 2:30 would be the inside of my leg about directly inbetween 12 (straight up) and 3 (straight toward the middle).

I hope that is understandable. I think a drawing might be an easier way to explain.

To Jennifer or Capin, please. About the thigh sites! I can’t get a pump site to stick on the tops of my thighs and have had moderate luck with that 1:30 or 2 o’clock position. I want to start cgm and have been letting my abdomen rest, from many years of injections and pump sites. Long way to my question: you apparently don’t have trouble with the cgm sticking to your thigh. Do you work in the yard/garden? Mine sweats off or the tape loosens from bending, etc. What tricks do you use, if any to keep your cgm on?
Sorry for the long intro to the question.


I would move around and stretch and try to determine where your skin will wrinkle or move oddly (where you may not tolerate the sensor). Then when you find a place to try I would tape it down like crazy. The only times I have had trouble with a sensor stayin in are swimming and trying to remove and replace the sensor to recharge it after 6 days. Once that sensor moves a little bit your data will be junk from my experience and you can remove the device. I do yardwork and roll around on the floor daily with my todler without any problems. Sweat has also never impacted the sensor. So I dont know what other help I can provide you.

If you are interested with altenate sites I would try to make sure you have enough fat to stick the sensor there. I think the sensor is supposed to be put in at a 45 to 60 degree angle into fatty tissue. Use your best estimate to determine that the end of the senor will be in your fat and not muscle. I got one in my muscle once (too far down my leg towards my knee). It hurt with a lot of movements and was less accurate. Other than that I dont know if I can provide much help. It may be a trial and error type thing and your legs will not work for you.

I have had senor problems lately. Two have been wildly innaccurate and I got my first gusher. I have not changed any of my methods in over 2 months that leads me to believe there is a problem with the sensor and not with my use of them. MM support told me I was calibrating it wrong. I didnt believe the young lady. I was trending up from 90s to 120s the sensor started in the 70s and plummeted to the 40s. It is very frustrating. I have restarted my current one that read below 40 last night and over 400 earlier this morning with no rhyme or reason. By finger stick I have been between 63 and 173. Curses!

Thanks, caprin. I am not one of the “lean and mean” folks so have plenty of tissue to stab! Part of my concern is everyone’s insisting that the sensor and pump have to be somewhat close together. So I am trying to imagine both being on my leg and not coming up with a good scenario on that!
I am in the stage of “I want it” but do I really want all the sensor anguish?! your story is one of many of dealing with having to pull the sensor early for various reasons. Just whining. No need to respond. I hope your sensor problems stop suddenly.

I dont really want to work too hard today so I will respond! I have not had much problem with how close the 2 items are. I can unplug my pump and place it 4-5 feet from the shower and it will get my readings. I have more problems with things inbetween the pump and sensor.

My sensor is going on a rollercoaster ride. I have never had problems like this before. I really think there is an issue with the sensor. I think I will call tech support again today and complain to try to get new sensors. I have heard of others at TU who have gotten free sensors in replace of bad ones.

Cool on the proximity! Thanks. Everyone seems to have somewhat different experiences with proximity, readings, etc. Yes, do call tech as I understand they will replace ‘in warranty’ sensors that go bad–assuming it meets their criteria for causation, whatever that might be…

I followed your advice Capin and tried out the thigh. I’m on day 2. So far no pain and less bleeding. I did use some tape, so far so good. Numbers seem a little more accurate… I have never gotten more than 4 days from a sensor, they start to hurt and itch terribly around day 3 but I have only used the stomach until now. I let you know how the thigh works out. Thanks again for the info.

Sarah, I am so glad to hear that you have found another site that will work for you. Hope you can start getting some great trend lines. Good data from the CGM has led me to control I could not imagine 6 months ago as I hope it will for you. I am hoping these CGMs will get my A1C into the mid 5s for the first time.

I lucked out when I called medtronic about my wacky sensor yesterday. The sensor expired the day after I called them. If the sensor was expired it warranty would be void. The medtronic lady could not understand why my 30 g carb breakfast had led me to rise from 89 to over 400 in 2 hours on the sensor’s reading. she is sending me 2 new sensors, 1 for this latest malfunctioning sensor and 1 for the one I used the begining of the weekend.

I am a per-fuse sweater and I find that Hartmann Hydrofilm tape or patch works 1000% better on all my insertion points for my CGM.