Minimed Pump

Just got my new Mini Med 722 - LOVE IT!! I was on a Cozmo for 5 years and it’s a bit archaic now!

I have a 722 also and I love it! congrats!

Thanks! I’m hoping to get the sensor as well. My insurance is saying ok to it!

I might be making the same switch (from Cozmo to Minimed) next year!! How has your experience with the Minimed been?? Were you able to get sensors?

yes my sensor is arriving tomorrow - The minimed is awesome - I found that if I went directly to the HR dept of my husbands work, they approved it outside of the insurance provider.

Hi Kelly- I am back to using my MM after 8 years of it and almost a year on the Omnipod. I LOVED Omnipod but lately had been reacting to the teflon ): and having crazy BGs…Much better now with my sure Ts. What infusion set are you using?