Just like a mirror I show you what I want you to see. Over the years I’ve learnt to hide my thoughts and feelings. I have mastered how to be a blank canvas I come across like I am in control when I am far from it, I don’t talk in order to hide my worries,fears and daily battles. I also can’t deal with the judgements and lack of understanding.

I shine instead.

I gather dust,spillages and other impurities that might land on me. I seem powerful but in my mind I am damaged, I shut myself away don’t want to be in contact with anyone, it hurts talking to others as they can’t see my pain, why can’t they hear it in my tone?in my words or in my appearance.
Why can’t they have some empathy.

I dazzle as always.

The time has come the expiry date every mirror hits it’s destruction all the pieces spread all over the floor. The smaller the pieces the harder to find, try to collect them all but always end up with a cut so the pain comes flooding out into the pillow.

I shimmer along…

I am a mirror I shine, I reflect, I glimmer and I am strong as well as weak so i can take a lot in but could shatter at any time causing destruction, pain and confusion.
I am type 1 diabetic and have a lot to deal with I am strong at times but things can get on top of me I am dealing with a burnout. A diabetes burnout, bit of support,encouragement and understanding is needed.
I am dealing with it 24/7, 7 days a week on top of normal everyday tasks. It’s HARD!

Type 1 diabetic


@Osob, I love your posts and I look forward to new ones. Thank you for your wonderful posts:)


Aww thank you. So lovely to get such positive feedback. I mostly write when I need to express myself. Xxx


Oh sweet friend…Such an exquisite post…I think we can all relate to these feelings. It is wonderful to have someone articulate so beautifully a universal feeling…Blessings, sweetie, to you and yours…xx000

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New to burnout. It happens. Rather be in control.

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Thank you Judith.
Hope everything is ok with you.
I am doing better writing is my way to deal with this disease and all that comes with it.
Lots of love and blessing my dear friend.xxx

We cant be in control all the time, sometimes it gets overwhelming and have to hit rock bottom to get back up again. Xxxx