Diabetes: How I Really Feel About You

It’s something that I wish will go,

But I know that won’t happen, so…

I struggle with the highs and lows

While taking low blows

From people who just don’t understand

Understand my pain

Some say I’m insane,

But you don’t know unless you’re in my shoes

And see the residues

Residues of my dried blood

From pricking my fingers

All day and night

Just wanting to fight

Fight those numbers

Damn those numbers…

Those numbers come with a price

The price of being in a crappy mood

And being misunderstood

Just brings me down,

But you’re not allowed to frown

Must be happy go lucky

Even when feeling sucky,

But at times you want to scream

Scream because your head feels explosive

Explosive due to highs

And highs due to everything,

But what can I say?

I live with it everyday

And it’s not my fault

So think before you throw that insult!

So very true.

thats really good wat u wrote

Thank you everyone for your comments. I love writing poetry in general. One day I aspire to publish a poetry book. I don’t just wrote about diabetes mainly my other poems are about relationships.

Ammena,. It nis often quite helpful to put a pen to your feelings, and you do it succintly and eloquently.

God bless,