Missing big toe options?

So here’s my question. My uncle had both toes removed maybe ten years ago. We have only spoken on occasions over the years. I recently returned to the area and had some time to spend with him. All this to say, i am amazed that he does not have a resource to counter his balance issues besides solid base shoes. Not having any knowledge of the issues involved and only spending about 2 hours in Google, i am amazed nobody has designed a device that can be strapped around the middle of the foot and then around the base of the ankle that could handle some push off force near the missing toe. I have a design in my head, but as i said, I cannot believe this does not exist.

Does anyone in this forum have any insight into this apparently avoided solution?

Thank you in advance



Often times these things are not used because of the rub on the inside of the shoe. I am guessing that your uncle may have good feeling in his feet, Since this is likely, it is unlikely a doctor would suggest such a thing given the risk of further damage. Just a guess on my part.


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Thank you Rick. So can I assume this type of device does exist, but simply avoided based on sensitivity issues? And if this device does exist, can you point me in the direction of its source/maker or maybe what its called?

Again, Thank you.

Quite a few years ago my sister’s mother-in-law had her middle toe removed. To help with balance and I assume pain she had to wear shoes with leather soles. Not sure if this will be of any help but just saying. I seem to remember she had her shoes made for her.

This is as close as I could find. But again I am almost certain that most doctors would be skeptical of suggesting one based on lack of foot sensation.