I can't find a pair of shoes that doesn't hurt!

Ok, it has been a long running joke that it takes me forever to choose a pair of shoes but it is getting to be a major issue. Whenever I try on shoes and get to a pair that is comfortable and stand up all hell breaks loose. Basically, it feels like there is something under the ball of my big toe on my left foot. I have tried with those pantyhose things, thick socks, thin socks, barefoot, etc. I reach in and there’s never anything there. I don’t know what to do, I end up limping around most days, or wearing this one old pair of slip on’s that for one reason or another don’t do that to my foot…What the hell do I do if I can’t find shoes? How can I continue to workout on the treadmill etc.? Anyone??? Thanks

Orthotics? They really do help hold the foot in the right position to avoid pressure points. Have you seen a doc to find out what is causing this? I had a plantar’s wart that made me see stars. Doesn’t look like much from the outside because it grows deep inside. Ball of the foot under the big toe is a prime site for plantar’s warts. When you press on it with your fingers, does it hurt?

No, it doesn’t hurt when I press on it. Honestly, it feels like my sock is bunched up or the sole has an imperfection, but then it starts to bother my foot more and more. Which doctor/type would you recommend talking to?

A podiatrist or orthopedist.

Whole body feels crappy when our feet hurt. So sorry.

true that…thanks for the feedback

I’ve had several foot things & it makes me very cranky! Debilitating not to be able to walk properly. I have really high arches & that causes problems. Oddly, high heels feel best. Do you think yours could be neuropathy? I’ve heard people describe this as feeling like they’re walking on rocks.

Firstly, I am guessing that you are the woman in your profile pic now. Secondly, I don’t think high heels would be the solution for me; I would get odd looks at meetings I’m sure. Thirdly, I do have some neuropathy but didn’t necessarily associate this to the shocking, fire like occasions as it’s more constant but I think you are right and I need to get in to the doc and pursue this. Thanks again. This sight is such a wonderful thing!

Aaaw c’mon, Todd. You’d look great in heels! With pain under your the ball of your foot, high heels would be agony. Take it from a chick, that’s where the weight goes in high heels. It’s like standing on tippy-toe. Let me know what your doc says. Hope it’s something really minor.

Sorry if this sounds somewhat unsympathetic, but at least be grateful you are not a woman.

as much as I adore women, I am thankful not to BE one…daily. :slight_smile: I like to say, “I’m not man enough to be a woma” LOL