Missing the CGM

Ok, so after the 3rd day with the cgm Alexis took a shower and the tape was all bunched up and I decide to take it out instead of trying for another 3 days with the same one. Our trainer came over and downloaded all the info. We were able to see Alexis’ trends and saw that the basal is working perfectly at .95 units her carb ratio is 1:14 which is working wonderfully for lunch and dinner but not doing anything for her at breakfast. So we changed her breakfast ratio 1:12 but will probably end up at 1:11. The sensor was super accurate over night and early morning but not as accurate in the evening. Still good enough to alarm when she was dropping or climbing. We decided to give Alexis a break and not put it back on until Tuesday to give the endo another set of data for our visit with him on Thurday. Let me tell you, we miss the sensor. It was nice to just take a look at the pump and see where her numbers were at and whether they were going up or down. I have been working from home for the past month so that we could get her all set up with the pump and sensor, now I go back to work on Monday and am a bit nervous about not having her sensor hooked up. Let’s see how it goes. Well, I hope everyone is doing well and that you all have a wonderful weekend!!

so glad that you were able to get the results you wanted with the CGM!

thank you landileigh!

I am glad your daughter is doing well with the pump, I think it is great, especially for kids. The cgm is great when it stays on track, I am giving mine another try. So far so good.