MM and Dexcom Question

How many use the Minimed pump and Dexcom CGM instead of the MM pump + CGM combo? Why?

I used the MM/Dexcom setup for a while before switching to an Animas pump.

I tried the MM CGM for a while and simply hated it - painful and not accurate or reliable for me. I didn't like the idea of having 2 separate systems at first, but the Dexcom works so well for me it doesn't bother me at all to carry the 2nd receiver. Some times it's even nice to set it on my desk or somewhere in the car. ;-)

I'm thinking about it -- the MM CGM is just not accurate enough. It has missed too many lows in the 50's -- not just lag time, but completely missing them. That is not acceptable to me. But I've got the pump, and I'm not unhappy with it. Thinking about a Ping (which will eventually be integrated with the Dex), just because it has a carb library, but haven't made up my mind.

i like having the dexcom not attached to the pump, is much easier to handle, you can set it in your pocket and easily pull it out and nobody knows what you are looking at...yes, you have to carry two devices, but IT IS WAY WORTH IT... when it is connected to the pump, you have to worry about the cord, and this is a pain, especially when you are in tight situations..and i have found the DEX has improved its accuracy so much that i cannot live without, i am on the third version and the algorithm is pretty dead on..will jump into the swimming pool and do laps for an hour, come back and check my sugar, and compare to dexcom...and the numbers are sometimes match exactly....another thing i like is that i am on day 21 of this last sensor..normally i get at least 12-14 days before changing but for some reason this one lasted 21 days, i woke up this morning and i saw the dex was not giving any readings last nite, so i knew it was dying..and then i was getting ready to rip it out, when it gave me a reading of 149, i checked my sugar and i was gave two more readings and is now officially done...but 21 days was worth it.

Hi Sarah,
Not to be too redundant, but here is my experience: I use the MM pump and when I first went on a CGM, I naturally used the all inclusive wireless connection. I thought I would be in heaven. However, for me, the MM CGM was totally inaccurate! It would be a very unusual fluke, if my meter's numbers were even close to the CGM. I switched to Dex about nine months ago, and I have to say "most of the time" it is very close to my meter. It is also MUCH easier to set up, and is ready to roll in two hours as opposed to the MM CGM that took all day. The first day of DEX is a little less accurate than the rest - but is still far better than MM>
Also, the MM CGM is really not reliable at all after three days (with the first day a throw away) - with the Dex, I get between 14 and 21 days...
I agree with what has been said already: it is a little inconvenient to carry an extra receiver -but well worth the increased accuracy. Dex is supposed to be coming out with a new, thinner, smaller receiver soon:-)

I tried the MM CGM maybe 3 years ago. It was painful, I often bled and it was horribly inaccurate. I really do like my MM pump though it works great. My pump just came off sarranty and I am debating about upgrading to a new MM, getting the ping or waiting for an integrated ping/dex system (the vibe, I think). But reading the posts I do like being able ot leave my dex out on a table or desk or in the car. Also one of the things that appeals to me about the ping is the meter remote (not available on the vibe as far as I can tell). Maybe I am better off with the ping and dex separate. Who knows?

I have the MM revel pump and the Dexcom CGM. There are many of the members in tis Dexcom User's Group who have used both CGMs, and they say that the Dexcom is much more accurate. That is all it took to convince me. I wish that Medicare covered my CGM. I am having to pay for my own sensors, at $81 each, so I use one sensor every three months on the average. That enables me to adjust my basal rates.

Ditto to what the others have said.

I used MM CGMS for 3 years, when I upgraded to MM 522 pump, and didn't even know about dexcom. It was better than no CGMS, but also very frustrating.

One advantage for me is that I had a hard time hearing the MM alarms at night. With Dexcom being separate, I can put it near/under my pillow, and no problem hearing it now.

Because dexcom is more accurate, it was easier to see how different foods, activity, etc affected my BG, and helped me change things to improve my A1C.

Pumps aside. The reason I use Dexcom is the MM sensor failures. My MD is a Medtronic shop. The CDE there offered to let me try a Medtronic CGM. Five of five sensors failed and would not start. I contacted Dexcom's representative and had a home visit, a two week trial, and now have been wearing a Dex 7+ for one month shy of 3 years. No sensor failures on start and when I have had a failure, it was replaced at no cost for the replacement.

I tried the MM CGM and hated it... it wasn't accurate, the sensors took a lot of my refrigerator space, and they flopped around so were always catching on my clothes. I switched to the Dex and so far we are good.

My biggest complaints about the Dex are that it doesn't talk to my MM pump so I need to enter bg values manually, and I can't find a decent case for it.