MM CGM vs. Dexcom

I am a current MM 722 user with a now dead Dexcom unit and I am considering replacing it with the MM CGM. I love the Dexcom unit and would gladly get it again but I am being lured by the thought of having one less device. My husband has taken to calling me Inspector Gadget and cyborg because of all my electronic devices (cell, CGM, pump, nook, ipod and glucometer).

If there is anyone out there who has had both and can give me feedback on their experiences, I would greatly appreciate it.

I’ll be keeping up with this thread because I’m a MM user w/ an almost dead transmitter that is considering a Dex. :slight_smile:

How do you like your MM CGM?

I like my MiniMed pump/CGM. I can’t imagine lugging around another gizmo. Occasionally the telemetry gets goofy on me but sometimes when I think it’s the CGM being off, I’ll adjust the pump rates and things fall back into place nicely. I never tried the Dexcom but # of gizmos is critical.

I don’t have near the problems w/ MM as most people do. I like it. However, when I updated to the new MM Revel pump, the alarms aren’t as loud. This causes issues w/ me not hearing the alarms at night (I’m a heavy sleeper) and that worries me since I live alone. My accuracy w/ the MM is pretty good from what I can tell, only being way off if I’m super high or super low. The needles are long and horrible, but I just don’t look when inserting. :slight_smile:

A little more than two years ago, I tried the MM Guardian (I wear an Animas pump). It was so wildly inaccurate and difficult to calibrate that I quit using it after several months of trying. Fast forward to several months ago, when I got my Dexcom. Wow! It is really accurate, easy to use, and easy to calibrate. I am still stunned by its accuracy. So I would say stick with Dexcom, it is way better technology. I find it very interesting (and think it speaks volumes) that Gary Scheiner, author of Think Like a Pancreas, uses the MM pump but uses the Dexcom CGM.

My CDE advised me to wait until after the first of the year when, we hope, the new, smaller & more accurate MM cgm will be coming out. Of course, I don’t know how soon in '12 it will come out. depends on FDA. I have waited this long though and decided to wait a few more months. For your case, you would automatically get the new sensors when they are approved. So, you could go on and deal with a few months of a less than satisfactory MM cgm, per some people, and hope the new cgm sensors will get out early in the year.

My worry is that w/ the whole “pump hacking” that the FDA will further postpone any new technology.

You guys are so great! I appreciate all of your feedback. I think I am going to stick with my Dexcom for now. I really do like its performance and I don’t want to be disappointed by the MM CGM so for now I will stick with two devices. hey what else are purses for, right?

I too began with the MM 722 and CGM, but am one who became so discouraged and annoyed at the inaccurate readings from the MM CGM that I would turn off all alarms during the night because it was so consistantly wrong. I stopped using the CGM. When I was eligable to purchase again, I switched to Dex and from day one, have been very satisfied. There are still problems with the Dex (I believe that is just normal with this type of device), the problems are much less and more easily correctable than with the MM CGM. If possible, try for a trial of the MM device first before buying.