MM case

I was wondering what people are using for carrying case for their MM (or others) pump. I would love to find something that has a clear cover to protect the pump but leave the buttons accessible…can’t seem to find that from Medtronic, anyway. Any ideas? Would it be harmful to use a case with a magnetic closing flap “thingie”?

Hi Sylvie, have you considered looking online? I never like any of the ones Medtronic has- they’re bulky and break easily. So, I looked online and there’s quite a few different websites that have a large variety of pump covers. I would try there because i found one that I really like in my favorite color!

Caselogic makes one that I just found @ Walmart. It comes with an arm band also. #63-2401380. It’s a snug fit that needs some padding to accomodate the infusion line.