Holster for Paradigm 7 series MMT-642

Is anyone else experiencing Minimed holsters breaking apart?

I am active in gardening, dancing, etc. I recently broking one exiting my shed with a handful of garden equipment - and have broke others. I am compensating by buying two. :-/

I’ve always used just the belt clip. Have only had one break over the years and MM replaced it.

I broke the spring on the belt clip and it just kept rotating. I went out and bought a leather cell phone case and it fits perfect. When you look for one, have them take it out of the packaging and put your pump into it to see if it fits. I found one that is a perfect fit, it has a magnetic clip to close it.

I have had no problem with it affecting it.

I have had the 722 pump for 2 years now. I broke the spring on the belt clip at 1 1/2 years, so I am on my second. I wasn’t super thrilled about paying for the new one - it was like $25 after shipping as I recall. When I broke it, I was wearing a skirt (unusual for me) and had located the pump around the back of my waistband. I think I may have leaned back into it.

My first on I broke getting out of my truck the first day. Started uning the Sports Case ACC-701. The local clenical specialest gave me a second one and have managed not to break it yet I ware it only on the weekends and use the sports case while I work.

ok. well. i have broken four clips in like three months. but ya know thats mainly cause i fall. i dont think they are very sturdy. i also think they should make them in like pink and purple =]